World Cup 2010

Uruguay vs. Germany: A Look Ahead

Luis Suarez 1 (Getty Images)   Miroslav Klose 1 (Getty Images) 

While the World Cup final pits two teams who have never won a World Cup against one another, Saturday's third place match between Uruguay and Germany will see a battle of multi-World-Cup-win teams looking to end their respective tournaments on a positive note.

Uruguay enters the match hoping to claim its first World Cup medal since 1950. Los Charruas' attack will be bolstered by the return of Luis Suarez, who is available after serving a one-game suspension for his controversial handball in the quarterfinals.

Germany settled for third place four years ago at home, and will aim to repeat that feat in South Africa. Miroslav Klose will likely have his last opportunity to become the World Cup's all-time leading goal scorer ahead of legendary Ronaldo, so he will be worth keeping an eye on.

Our question for you is: Who will win today's third place match? Cast your vote below.


How did you vote? Why? How important is the return of Luis Suarez? Do you see Klose scoring two and becoming the all-time leading goal scorer?

Share your thoughts below.

  • phil

    wow, I can tell folks are really opinionated about this one!

    Germany will “win” in that Klose will play and get his record goal. Uruguay will win the match though because quite frankly I think it will mean more to them.

    Still wishing it was USA in this match rather than Uruguay.


  • SeattleStan

    Hopefully with the addition of Müller, the German attack should open up and be the entertaining bit of magic it has been.


  • jonk

    Assuming both are fit, I’d love to see a golden boot shootout between Forlan and Klose with each scoring a brace.


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