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Beasley signs with Hannover 96

DaMarcus Beasley (JohnToddISI)

Photo by John Todd/ISIphotos.com

DaMarcus Beasley has played in the Netherlands, England and Scotland, but now the U.S. national team midfielder will be able to add Germany to that list of destinations after signing a two-year deal to play for Hannover 96.

The 28-year-old midfielder has been searching for a club since being let go by Scottish club Rangers, and had been pondering some offers from the Netherlands and England before Hannover expressed interest following the injury of regular starter Carlitos.

Beasley joins U.S. World Cup teammate and Hannover captain Steve Cherundolo on a Hannover team coming off an impressive 2-1 win against Schalke 04 over the weekend.

Beasley will be looking to rekindle a career marred by injuries in recent years. He showed flashes of his old form last season in Scotland, but struggled for playing time yet again.

  • steveo

    I think that Mexico would put the best players on the field regardless. Look at how many foreign-born/ second generation-players they have these days: Dos Santos, Franco, Castillo…


  • Second City

    I’m having a hard time getting excited for Beasley or thinking positive about this move but I wish him all the luck.

    Not for the NT, just generally speaking for his career.


  • GW

    That wasn’t exactly your point.

    Your point was Demerit must not have been that good if Watford got rid of him.

    My point was money and age were the main factors in letting him go, more so than his talent, per se. He can still be useful to a club with better finances.

    Demerit is not super star but he’s good enough to be a regular in the Championship or in many lower level EPL sides.


  • GW

    Maybe but they have the ugliest away kit I’ve ever seen. Where did they get these softball/NASCAR clown outfits?

    No wonder Dempsey looks so mad all the time.


  • primoone

    Seriously though…think about it. Can you imagine the Mexican Soccer team coach saying “you know what, I really need to field the best team so that I am able to succeed and keep my job however, I need to keep this team predominantly “fair-skinned”

    Im not naive to think that Mexico does not have a racism issue. It exists against foreigners as well against their own indigenous people. With that said there are exceptions and isolated incidents however, I highly doubt racism or prejudice views influence any roster selection at the national level.


  • jimoh8002

    He played in the Confeds Cup and World Cup. Got alot of minutes and was one of the top performers. No one else in the championship achieved that. His value went through the roof


  • PetedeLA

    Glad someone bit.

    You can say I’m off base, you can say you think I’m completely wrong, but you cannot call me an idiot.

    Before you call me an idiot, provide a reasonable counter-argument, or at least a useful anecdote.

    I’ve lived in 3 foreign countries, I’ve spent several weeks in Mexico as a Black person, I’ve lived in LA most of my life. My friend who is Mexican and Creole was told by his fiancee to not get too dark before the wedding. I’ve known Mexicans whose parents tell them to stay out of the sun for fear that they look too Indio.

    Why are the actors on the TV only ‘white’ looking? Have you not noticed this?

    This is NOTHING new in soccer, people just don’t like to talk about it.

    Of course, one can chalk this all off to a cultural peculiarity– no biggie.

    I just think there is a lot of discreet racism that one encounters as a Black person in a foreign country.


  • PetedeLA

    The weeding out process happens way before that. I see you are now making some reasonable arguments, but I have some counter-arguments.


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