MLS- Philadelphia Union

Columbus Crew vs. Philadelphia Union: Your Running Commentary

PhiladelphiaUnion CCrew

MLS action continues Thursday evening as the Columbus Crew travel to PPL Park to take on the Philadelphia Union (8 p.m., ESPN2/ESPN3.com).

Philadelphia looks to build a winning tradition at their new home in Chester, Pa., and face a difficult challenge with the Crew visiting. The Union are currently just three points off the bottom of the Eastern Conference, and will look to distance themselves from the bottom and creep towards a playoff spot. Columbus is looking to bounce back after dropping a 3-1 result to Chivas USA last weekend.

If you are watching the game please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

  • Scott A

    Yeah, like you didn’t buy Schelotto. Aren’t you guys just so sacred and unaffected by capitalism


  • Dave

    be fair. The Union don’t show many replays at all, and none that are controversial in either direction.

    I was surprised at how few replays were shown at PPL.


  • JerseyScouser

    The counter attack was not even there tonight for The U. At the end of the game they had the ball and played with it. I was not happy with The U tonight. Bad marking lead to those two goals and who thought up the game plan that said play for a draw at home when your down 2-1. I expect the never say die attitude back next week or the real Philly fans will be out in full force and it won’t be pretty.


  • Ricardo

    I feel like im a pretty vulgar person who is partial to the f bomb at a game and all that, however the you suck a-hole thing after oppossing goal kicks just seems dumb to me. Am I the only one with this view? I’m glad my local team does not do anything similar.


  • Smith

    This is true. We were terrible last year & you guys are right about on par. The whole game plan is “get the ball to Letoux & hope for the best” along with “hack the opposition. You’re just unwatchable.


  • Smith

    Once they string together a few losing seasons, it’ll drop off. same thing will happen with the rave green coffee slurping Mudhoney fans.


  • RickH

    Totally agree…it comes across as cheap.

    Individual vulgarity in the heat of the moment: ok (as long as no kids are around…)

    Organized vulgarity that an entire stadium and tv audience can hear: Not ok


  • Scott A

    Not a big fan for a couple reasons, none being that I care about cursing b/c I curse and have no issue with it. I don’t like that it’s a prompted chant… kind of like how in other sports everyone needs some sort of indication to do something like a free throw in basketball or 3rd down in football. I prefer the flowing singing of soccer that requires a bit more nuance.
    Also, when I yell you suck a-hole–which I begrudgingly do–I feel like a 13 year old


  • VJM

    Thanks PPL park.

    I sit in the SOB section, brought my grandad last night.

    He hasn’t seen anything like the security there since WWII when his battalion fought into Germany. Retro is one thing but throwing back like that is just wrong.


  • VJM

    Check around For updates on the Apex security, Union, SOB meeting.

    It was BS and the Union should be careful on their decision unless they wish the stadium to look like Dallas’ tonight in two years.


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