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Cosmos poised for a comeback


The rumors of a New York Cosmos revival have circulated for a better part of three decades, but the first real signs of a potential comeback for the storied club have emerged.

A group has purchased the rights to the New York Cosmos brand and stand poised to capitalize on Major League Soccer's desire to add a second New York team after announcing its return at a New York soccer event on Sunday.

“Our plan has several phases, but if you fast-forward, it’s our aspiration to play at the highest level in this country and that’s M.L.S.,” Joe Fraga, executive director of the Cosmos, told The New York Times. “And we are serious. We want to make it relevant again, we want kids to know what the Cosmos were and are, to bring the soccer dream back to the city.”

MLS commissioner Don Garber has repeated in recent weeks that MLS wants New York to be awarded the 20th MLS franchise after Portland, Vancouver and Montreal take the league's number of teams to 19.

The New York Red Bulls are in favor of the addition of a second team in its home market, with Red Bull global soccer chief Dietmar Beiersdorfer recently telling SBI that a second New York team would help MLS and give the Red Bulls a valuable rival.

So will the Cosmos be Major League Soccer's 20th team? It will if the new Cosmos ownership group can flex the financial muscle MLS likes to see from ownership groups, and if the team can secure a stadium, there is little doubt the Cosmos will be playing in MLS before long.

My thoughts on a Cosmos return? I wondered if Peppe Pinton would ever A) actually sell the team's naming rights and B) if anyone would ever pay the steep price for them. However the final deal came about, when viral marketing evidence started to pop up around New York with Cosmos logos emerging on stickers around the city, you knew something was afoot. A Cosmos return can succeed if the ownership group has the deep pockets and sharp leadership necessary to succed as a new team in MLS.

A second New York team can succeed, even though a less-than-soldout Red Bull Arena would suggest otherwise, but Red Bull has begun to flex its financial muscle and should establish a strong foothold before a Cosmos team would arrive in two or three years. Having two quality MLS teams in New York would tap into the strong soccer fanbase in the area as well as increase Major League Soccer's profile nationally and internationally.

What do you think of this development? Like the idea of the Cosmos returning to the American soccer landscape? Hate the idea of a second New York team?

Share your thoughts below.

  • b

    yeah, if the Cosmos started playing in RBA today, you’d see a difference in attendance.
    It’s not only the distance, it’s the team identity, it’s easier to cheer for a team than a product.


  • KevDC

    Jamez ranted:
    “Or DC could move to Florida, Their fans suck, they dont support them, not even against international competition. The stadium is old and falling apart,while they struggle to secure a SSS in the area. they should move south. Philly should satisfy the people in that area.”

    You are an uninformed, bitter idiot. Sorry for you that MLS failed in Florida, but saying DC fans suck is ludicrous on it’s face. Historically, DC has usually had one of the better turnouts in MLS, and even in this truly awful season where United is clearly the worst team in the league the attendance is 8th of 16 teams.

    Source: http://www.mls-daily.com/2010/03/2010-mls-attendance.html

    Jamez also spewed: “DC sucks and so does the fans.”

    Get over yourself, bitter little man.


  • Wncsport

    I’m sorry, I just don’t see New York “deserving” a second team. If the Cosmos were in MLS they should just rename the other guys “New Jersey Red Bulls” and be done with it.

    I don’t want to be jumped on, but I thought FIFA is trying to lower the number of teams in the top domestic leagues, and people are talking expansion past 20? I say they should announce they’re stopping expansion and look to move bad teams, and start a real second-tier at least by minor league. Designate each team must establish a minor league team. Focus on non-MLS cities like Orlando, Charlotte, Phoenix, St. Louis, yes, even Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. Each city must have a suitable stadium for 12K+ seats, which could be readily expanded. Hopefully start in 5-8 years. Maybe in 30 years we can have promotion and relegation within those two tiers, who knows? But to grow the game we need a serious second-tier one way or another. Just waiting on growth is ridiculous when there are so many other sports options for Americans.


  • DINO



  • IL

    Nah, terrible idea. Lets spread the sport around. Lets get a league going. No need to put two teams in NY. Red Bulls are hardly selling out their stadium. Its better for the league if they add a Southern franchise.


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