SBI MLS Spotlight

SBI MLS Spotlight: Tim Ream

SBI MLS Spotlight: Tim Ream from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

  • DL of 105 support

    I agree. But with Gonzales and Opara I wonder if Ream can play out wide RB or LB. That could be great too.


  • Blake

    I like how you attack the accusations that you have an enormous Tim Ream mancrush head on.


  • Joe

    I don’t really follow the MLS, is Tim Ream really that good?

    I have NEVER seen him play, so I cannot comment. He is top 4 material?

    Others care to accept or reject this comment?


  • ampf mexcity

    I’d rather our prospects stay in MLS. What’s wrong with RBNY? In 3-5 years it’ll be a great league.


  • DL of 105 support

    I didn’t seen that much of Ike(before he go hurt). With his size I didn’t think he was that fast. Ream’s speed is my only concern with him.


  • Lost in Space

    It’ll be 30-40 years before MLS can challange any of the top 5 or 6 leagues in Europe. Therefore the best US players will continue to go there for the compitition and money. That said think Ream is a Very good/developing player. After next year I could see him going to a mid-level EPL team or Maybe a German club….but not a top 4 team. Just dont see that yet.


  • Standard Deviance

    I think the thing that has everyone excited about Ream is how confident he is on the ball and in his distribution of it out of the back. Those are very rare qualities in an American center-back.

    That said, I’ve watched about 10 RBNY games this year and have noticed that Ream consistently makes a few defensive miscues per game. He’s definitely still a little raw back there.

    Projecting Ream as a top 4 EPL-quality CB within 3 years is imo a dream-world projection: that is, it could happen, but it’s not likely. At the moment, his ball skills exceed his defensive skills and I think he’d get defensively exposed playing against better competition. But he does have tons of projectability, so he deserves to start getting in the mix for the USMNT, maybe in January. And if he continues to develop and improve, he’ll certainly be good enough to start for the USMNT.


  • zmoks

    The idea that Ream will play in a Top 4 EPL team in 3-4 years is a good wish to me. I hope he does since it would mean the Nats would have a world class defender, but i highly highly doubt it. These clubs dont simply buy players after a season or two. They follow a kid for bout 4 years maybe even longer before they sing him. Unless he exceeds expectations and just dominates kinda like Gooch in confederations cup, he wont make a top 4 club. Having said that, top 4 doesnt mean that much. Very many world class players not on these teams so i still think he will be a great US defender in bout 4 years hopefully.


  • TBE

    Just curious, have you seen him play in person?

    I have season tix and sit between the corner flag and top of the box. I can tell you he is very impressive. His positioning is actually pretty good and his movement off the ball is also very good. His composure and passing has already been mentioned often. He does get beat on occasion and sometimes a pass goes astray … but that happens to most players, doesn’t it?


  • Dabull

    Like the new video features, but are they going to expand to cover teams not named after an energy drink?


  • jonk

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but the only other SBI MLS Spotlight video was with Omar Gonzales sometime around the Brazil game. So that should give you an indication that these filmed interviews occur at a location that is convenient for Ives and will probably feature players from teams that come to RedBull Arena.


  • Thor

    Opara and Gale Agabossoumnde are the future CB’s for the NT, both have far more upside than Ream or Omar


  • BrooklynFC

    You truly are Lost in Space, Just Kidding…. but our league is alot closer to 3-5 years away than it is 30-40 years away….. What our league has over all up-n-coming leagues is that our country has supreme athletes that will be getting into soccer soon because it truly has become a viable option in the pro sports landscape I’d say that if we do get the 2022 world cup we will have a truly great league by the time the world cup comes… on par with the Dutch French and Russian leagues


  • BrooklynFC

    Wow thats a bit crazy….. homeboy has great vision…

    I would say he is the American Marquez

    his passing out the back is a thing of beauty and I can def see him playing Sweeper in Italy before the next world cup, Even though I personally feel he should stay in MLS till after the Next World Cup.


  • Louis Z.

    I wonder that too. Aboss is a rock, Opara is strong and fast but raw. Omar has size but his touch is ala Gooch, Ream I saw him play against the Galaxy and all Butle had to do was body check him before he got the ball and it was all over, score galaxy. not impressed with a slow CB that can pass, but then again, so is Gerard Piqué and he is the defacto CB.


  • Vik

    I think ppl, reasonably, figure that defensive skills will be honed as he matures, comfort on the ball and distribution are two things he was definitely not going to learn in the MLS. That said, Opara (when he played) has been pretty defensively dominant as a rookie; it will be interesting to see how these two and Gonzalez integrate into the usmnt future.


  • Pico

    Rather than the EPL, Ream’s distribution is more adept to leagues were teams start play with their backs and the ball on the ground.

    One of the uncommon traits is his composure and rarely you see him booting a long ball in the general direction of a teammate. 99% of the time is on the ground and to the foot.

    He still needs to learn some of the defensive aspects of his position, but he can learn a lot from Marquez.



  • GSScasual

    lol, that percentage is based on……? If he was part of the 2010 draft and has played EVERY minute of the MLS play, he has skills.


  • ac

    is it possible that we lose Opara and Gonzales, who are eligible to play for Mexico and Nigeria respectively?


  • Gacm32

    Very unlikely, Omar is pretty much committed to the U.S. and Opara has played for all the youth setups and never had a probably ala Subotic. Plus we have a bigger upside than Nigeria and arguably Mexico.


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