SBI Stoppage Time

SBI Stoppage Time: Brazil 2, USA 0

  • Ja Ja James

    Pretty cool stuff Ives. But you do know it is OK to smile. Right?

    (SBI-I’ll blame that on getting trapped in an elevator for 25 minutes after the match. LOL.)


  • FulhamPete

    Very nice.

    Can’t wait to see this when you’ve got 10 under your belt. It’s a great idea that will only get better.


  • Dominick

    yes, i agree–great addtion to the website.

    This on the same day FSC on Direct TV goes HD! Not a bad day for soccer…


  • srfinger

    Ditto above. Wasnt sure what to expect when I clicked play, but was very polished both in terms of production and in terms of analysis.


  • The Dude

    Bornstein makes me want to cry. Please, Ives, tell me that this is the last time we’ll see him. Isn’t it obvious now that he’s not up to snuff?


  • Justin

    Yeah, I have to echo what others have said — well done, very professional. Both Mike and Ives spoke well, the questions were solid without being complete softballs, and the video wasn’t too long. Only change might be higher quality video camera, but all in all a very impressive debut. Keep up the great work.


  • Aaron in StL

    Nice stuff Ives, always nice to actually hear a new voice other than Alexi Lalas.

    You need to get FSC to get you in on some color commentary for some CL games or something.


  • Raymon

    AWESOME! Great job guys. Nice new feature.

    I have to confess I thought Ives rhymed with “hives”, not “Alves.”

    (SBI-It’s actually pronounced EYE-Viss. Mike’s still working on it. LOL)


  • DC Josh

    Love this and the post-game interviews and Mike Kammarman in the background making himself look busy and very serious.


  • ELAC

    Good job, Ives. Keep it up!

    Can you answer my question about Chivas USA and Sacha Kjelstan?


  • FattyMatty

    First off, Ives, nice job on the video. However, I didn’t quite understand your remarks regarding Bob Bradley. I think Bob will coach the friendlies in October unless he quits or is fired. His contract runs through the end of the year and US Soccer could choose to let that contract run out or renew. US Soccer can not hire a new coach for the October friendlies unless unless Bob is fired or he resigns. Am I mistaken?

    (SBI-Exactly what is hard to understand? If USSF decides they have their man and it’s not Bradley they can dismiss Bradley and bring in the new coach. They’ll pay out the remaining three or four months of his deal and integrate the new guy. Something tells me that if it came to that they’d ask him to resign for a price or something similar, but Bradley’s remaining contract has zero effect on whether USSF decides to hire someone before the October friendlies.)


  • JRhode

    The beginning of the end of Soccer by Ives? How long before ESPN or FSC come calling with a deal Ives can’t refuse?


  • obxfly

    Great commentary Ives.

    I’d like to see you on Triple F with Wanalda, (and maybe Nick).


  • This American Pitch

    I really like the video, especially since I can just put it on in the background and listen to it while I do actual work. More of these would be great!


  • Sean

    You sound completely different than what you sound like when I read your articles. But really good stuff.


  • jai_brooklyn

    Nice. Very polished analysis. Please do not sign any ‘exclusive’ deals with the biggies 🙂


  • Andy in Atlanta

    Good analysis… also you made a fool out of the guys I watched the match with last night because they said you would still have a rose colored glasses love fest with Bedoya but I always maintained that you would call it like you saw it and you did just that… Good work!!


  • drewcore

    OOO… so thats how you say his name, and what he sounds like. Keep up the good work.


  • Onion Bag

    Pretty polished for the first time out Ives. Great job. Maybe just fix the camera angle. If it weren’t for the field in the background, I’d have thought this was being filmed from a surveillance camera in the elevator you got stuck in.


  • r.benjamin

    Thumbs up I hope it’s first of many. And I hope it expands to about 5 mins.

    The q&a video format seems to allow more depth and detail than the written column.. Since I think you’re one of the better/logical voices on the USMNT I’d like to see more.


  • Mike Bradley sucks

    You didn’t tell us how great Lil Mikey played, as you always do, even though he sucked donkey balls once again, worse player on the park by a mile and you know it.


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