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SBI Video Corner: USA-Brazil Post-Game Reactions

  • soxoshoes

    Anyone been having issues with the site lately? I feel like it get’s caught in a loop and continuously loads?

    Taking forever to load the site….

    (SBI-I think there might be something going on with the ad servers. I’ll see what I can find out.)


  • Raymon

    There was a discussion about this yesterday, in the comments section of the Balboa/Bebeto article. Leading suspect are the ads that may be weighing down the pages.


  • Andy in Chicago

    Bob said: “The things we need to work on are always the same.” Personally, I don’t think that’s a good thing to hear.

    The players talked about the Brazilians and their movement off the ball.

    If they can move so well off the ball, why can’t we?



  • Toumba

    I equate playing Brazil in soccer to another country facing the US in Basketball. Teams can toil over the loss, blame the coach, blame the youth system…. but to catch up with them in terms of skill and “know how” then it take decades not just a world cup cycle or two.

    Bob Bradley is a good solid coach…but he can not work miracles. He will not wake up tomorrow to find a new left back, 2 experienced but youthful and healthy central defenders, a forward with skills and playmaker for the midfield. The guy did awesome for us at the World Cup considering all of the injuries and holes we had. But to ask him to take us to another level (or one equal to Brazil) with this current crop of players is like trying to squeeze blood out of a rock.


  • Sergio Hernandez

    Not to take anything away from Brazil, because I thought they played great. The US was not in the best situation. As Donovan said, some players are just now getting back to fitness. And the MLS players all played a few days ago. I don’t want this to sound like excuses, but I just think some people are overreacting to this loss. Sure, they lost, but those first 20-25 minutes are what the US is capable of. After that, they dropped off…and in the second half…most of the players seemed tired. I was glad to see Gonzalez get thrown into the mix. I already knew Guzan was a beast, but it is nice to be reminded once in a while.

    I hope the USSF makes a decision on Bradley before the December friendlies. If he stays, great. But if he doesn’t then the new coach should be in place and start building towards 2014.


  • EB

    +1. Enough of all this overreaction over a friendly. We do need changes(starting with a new coach), but I’d worry about this if we were in danger of not qualifying for ’14, not over this. Hell Brazil when they are on, do that to even the best teams.


  • Josh D

    Same can be said of their players.

    Fact is that team had very little time to work together, ours has had 4 years. They were inventive, our midfield was dead out of ideas. They ran off the ball, we walked.

    The gulf was in effort and creativity. One we generally have, the other won’t come in this generation.

    I haven’t been embarrassed of a US performance in years but we had teenagers literally toying with our tried and true veterans. Shocking display.


  • Ricky B. Free

    You gotta love when a mediocre coach holds the USSF hostage lol. They are waiting to see if he gets a concrete offer from a team in Europe. Love the politics and how Sunil cant make up his mind, shows how much he knows about soccer. I guess he is there just to make money for the USSF.


  • Ricky B. Free

    Argentina and Spain beat USA in basketball one in world basketbal championchips and the other on the olimpics. Do you feel that they have better basketball talent than the U.S.?

    They wonbecause they played like a team and were prepared and took care of the game plan.

    So a good team can beat a more talented team, when the less skilled team is well prepared and play with heart.


  • JustinV

    Actually the three players that killed us, Neymar, Ganso and Robinho have played together with great success for the last 6 months at Santos FC. I do agree with the rest of your post, however.


  • TimN

    I think this was a hard game for the U.S. players to get motivated. They’re coming off a WC that had its highlights, but one that also ended in a truly disappointing loss to Ghana and a lost opportunity to make a deep run in the tourney. The Gold Cup is a ways off, and I think most of these guys at this juncture are in “club mode.” You also have a coach that is likely on his way out. Add in that you have a talented group of young Brazilians out to impress a new coach and perhaps make their way into their national team mix, and it all made for a lackluster U.S. performance. I wasn’t suprised at all by this result.


  • BetaMale

    Lots of excuses from the players. How many times can they refer to their efforts as “naive”? Can’t someone prevent them from being “naive” if thats what they are every time they lose?

    Also, still can’t believe Sascha has a victoria secret girlfriend. Something isn’t adding up…


  • inkedAG

    Any way you to perceive this game, the fact is that the US were totally outclassed and embarrassed by Brazil’s kids and that is shameful.


  • Eric

    I also really like the new video features on the site. One constructive comment though: I thought the transitions between video segments were a little bit long. Otherwise, keep it up and I look forward to the next one.


  • Hush

    I like Bedoya’s comments at the end of the vid. He said: If I had better passes going my way mabybe I would have done a better job. Then he figures out he just made a boo boo, and corrects himself by saying, maybe if I was faster, I would have reach the ball better.lol Classic.

    Dissapointed in the last 60 minutes of play, not really the loss, but the overall efforts. But I guess Timmy is right, they were tired and out of shape.

    Note: The Brazilian players have Copa Libertadores,Champions League,Europa, experience etc.. so that whole experience crap is out the door for these Brazilians. They have played in big games unlike some fo our U.S youngstas. Let’s be REAL mi gente.


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