FIFA 11 hits stores nationwide today

FIFA 11 hits stores nationwide today


FIFA 11 hits stores nationwide today

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Soccer fans across the country will be shelling out around $60 today, and not because they'll be attending the next big match in their respective cities.

The latest edition of EA Sports' highly-touted FIFA series, FIFA 11, is set to hit stores today, meaning the countless hours of gaming will commence for soccer lovers spanning from Los Angeles to New York City to Miami.

Among some of the new additions included in FIFA 11 are features such as Pro Passing, Be a Goalkeeper and Personality Plus, which gives a more authentic feel to each individual player in the game based on real life strengths and weaknesses. Also in FIFA 11 for the first time ever will be the Philadelphia Union.

While the jury is still out to see just how successful this game will be, gaming outlets such as IGN and the Official Playstation Magazine (UK) have giving FIFA 11 high praise. IGN even went as far as predicting that FIFA 11 looks likely to hold off other soccer games, such as Pro Evolution Soccer, in the quest to be the number one soccer simulation available.

FIFA 11 will be available across a number of platforms, including Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The game won't be sold in Europe until Oct. 1.

If you have yet to see the game or are undecided about whether or not to get it, here's a trailer highlighting some of its new additions:


Are you getting a copy of FIFA today? Prefer Pro Evolution Soccer or Football Manager? Which teams are you most looking forward to playing with/against? Which new addition do you think you'll like the most/least? Would you be interested in an SBI league?

Share your thoughts below.

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