Should Henry be suspended for Hartman incident?

Should Henry be suspended for Hartman incident?

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Should Henry be suspended for Hartman incident?

Thierry Henry (

What started out as a celebration turned into a nightmare when a Thierry Henry kicked a ball into Kevin Hartman's foot, causing the FC Dallas goalkeeper to suffer a sprained MCL that could sideline him for several weeks.

The incident came after a Mehdi Ballouchy goal in Thursday's Red Bulls-FC Dallas match. Henry went to kick the ball away after it had ricocheted out of the net, but just before he did, Hartman stuck his raised foot behind the ball. Henry's subsequent blast jarred Hartman's leg and sent him sprawling. He left the match at halftime after being unable to to make it through warm-ups.

Here is the video of the incident:

Here is our question for you. Do you think Henry should face some discipline for the incident, or do you think it was just a fluke incident? Cast your vote here:

What's my take? I think it was a fluke play that could have merited a second yellow card for Henry, but  since the referee saw it and already addressed it, stating he saw nothing worthy of punishment, it doesn't seem likely MLS would overrule the referee. The league does issue retroactive punishment at times, but it usually involves plays the referee didn't see. There will surely be a protest from Dallas, and there is already talk suggesting that MLS won't suspend Henry because of the upcoming high-profile match against the Los Angeles Galaxy. In short, this story isn't likely to go away any time soon.

How did you vote? What did you think of the play?

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