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What did you think of De Rosario's post-goal actions?


Dwayne De Rosario has carried Toronto FC offensively ever since his arrival north of the border, and he wants the team's ownership to take further notice of that.

After scoring a goal against San Jose on Saturday that cut the Reds' deficit in half, De Rosario celebrated by acting as if his left hand were a checkbook and writing himself an imaginary check.

The goal was De Rosario's 12th of the season, but Toronto still trailed at that point and went on to give up a goal just moments later. The 3-2 loss to the Earthquakes likely knocked the team out of playoff contention.

After the game, the 32-year-old De Rosario, who still has two years remaining on his current contract, told reporters, "Every year I've been showing my worth, and it's about time they come to me with something. I know of other clubs who have gone to their star players and ripped up their contracts, and I think it's only fair."

The question for you is:

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  • hendrix

    De Ro scores so many goals on TFC because the rest of the team sucks. It’s like he turns away from his teammates and says “look, none of you are going to score, so rather than passing to you, Imma gonna shoot from anywhere and everywhere, all the time, and some are bound to go in.”


  • Ne-Dub

    DeRo is worth more than he is paid, and it is time for TFC front office to start realizing that the answer is not brining in overseas player after overseas player. There is enough talent in America and Canada to build a good foundation of a team and then with a DeRo or two, all of a sudden you have a playoff team.


  • Will

    DeRo is way better than both our DP’s and he makes way less. He should be made a DP, but this should have been handled behind closed doors.


  • SilverRey

    Someone tell him that the Canadian dollar is equal to the USD now, he’s already had his raise….


  • patrick

    it seems as if Dero tried to do it behind closed doors first. I don’t think his first mention of an issue like this would be a goal celebration.


  • AL17

    It’s more effective when your team wins.

    Dumb on his part, do it when you win and it makes it much easier to get the public on board, do it when your team loses and you look selfish. HOWEVER, he should be getting top dollar and it’s disheartening to see that he isn’t. TFC likes to boast about how great a club it is but by not paying your best player top dollar is a joke. He should should be more tactful in his approach to garner public support. But he should be getting top dollar in MLS.


  • Fred Garvin

    DeRo should fire his agent for advising him to sign that contract. That is if he even has one. This sounds more like “I want to be Traded” talk.


  • Tony

    TFC seems to be in perpetual “expansion” mode! The ownership, MLSE (Leafs, Raptors), take their fan base for granted as long as the $s keep rolling in. They just lack the will to hire competent coaching / management to build strong product on the pitch..ice..court..etc.! However, I am still TFC red through an through!!!!

    “The miserable have no other medicine

    But only hope” 😦


  • soundersriot

    Or maybe they thought he’d be happy with the contract he willingly signed….. stupid owners. How dare they!


  • SdbransonUSA

    DeRo is a great MLS player, but honestly I think he is probably paid accordingly and he’s on the wrong side of 30. I may be wrong, but he doesn’t exactly move the needle in terms of attendance. It’s sucks for him that two of his teammates make more than he does, but the braintrust that signed those two jokers has been fired.


  • Reid

    Doesn’t this become a bigger money issue with a 3rd DP won’t Toronto (MLSE) have to pay a luxury tax (or whatever MLS calls it). So they won’t just be giving DeRo a bump but they will also be giving money out to other MLS clubs.

    I could be mistaken but i thought thats how the new rules were put forth.


  • matt in detroit

    Didn’t this get average like five goals his last two seasons? Did he offer to give his employers money back?


  • Oranje Mike

    There is a problem when a player outshines DP players and it’s not reflected in the pay. DeRo, however, did sign a contract knowing he would be the best player on the team. That aside, I always enjoy reading about the woes in Toronto.


  • kpugs

    This d-bag is already making almost $500k (DP money) while his teammates and kids around the league play for pennies and can barely afford their own apartments if they have 3 roommates.

    Classless and pathetic. I always liked and respected this guy, but no more. What a scumbag.


  • swampdogoh

    DeRo is a beast and I would give anything to have him play for the Crew and pay him DP money at it.


  • doug

    DeRo is completely out of touch with the fans, who are en masse not going to renew their season tickets b/c of the cash wringing and manipulative sales tactics of the ownership. what fan, in that atmosphere, is going to have any sympathy for dero? that was a clown move. esp. to make that move after scoring a meaningless goal in a game where any faint play-off hopes were extinguished by their younger expansion cousins. pathetic.

    TFC is useless. it was funny seeing bryan edwards and sam cronin on the ‘quakes roster. what did TFC get for them again?


  • Myles B

    DeRo had a brainfart, enough said. But this all originates from when MoJo first brought him to the team; DeRo has stated that MoJo promised him DP money for coming here.


  • Neruda

    You know RSL doesn’t have any DP’s. Not saying DeRo is a DP at this stage in his career, being over 30 and not having the international name recognition. RSL would be unstoppable with a DeRo though.


  • Smits

    DeRo tried this in Houston a few years ago, of course he didn’t embarrass the orginization in public like this. Starting to make me wonder about his “character.”

    PS to Dwayne – you’re getting up there, think you deserve a raise?



    rip up the contract hes playing to the people and class doesnt get you what you need. think of his family


  • srfinger

    Thats the problem you run into when you bring in terrible DPs. Your current players get pissed.

    If you looked across your office and some moron asleep at his desk was making 3x what you were making, would you just quietly honor your contract? No. Doesnt matter if your check had 3 zeros or 5 zeros. You dont want jokers making more than you.


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