UEFA Champions League

Maurice Edu's up-and-down day


Maurice Edu was having a dream day in Rangers' UEFA Champions League match before disaster struck.

Edu scored the opening goal of Rangers' 1-1 draw with Valencia, skying high (and taking a punch to the face by Valencia keeper Cesar Sanchez in the process) to head home a 33rd-minute corner kick at Ibrox Stadium. He nearly added a second minutes later, when his shot from distance rattled the post.

Just a minute after halftime, though, Edu was the victim of an own goal, inadvertently heading a cross into his own net to account for all of the game's scoring.

Highlights of both goals are after the jump:



What do you think about Edu's performance? Think the own goal diminishes what he accomplished? Impressed by his skill in the air?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Panos Kelamis

    The over analysis is a little much, don’t we think. He had a good game, a little hard luck, but all in all it was a good showing. There is no need to break down every single second of the match and how it pertained to American player X or Y, that is a little much. Let’s enjoy the game, give some commentary and move on to the next one.


  • Kevin_amold

    I feel like American players have this George Costanza type karma, where something will happen to cancel out a previous contribution.



  • will m.

    beasley, kljestan scored in one of the early rounds this year too if i’m not mistaken


  • Neruda

    Let’s not forget edu’s WC goal that was inexcusably erased by an inept referee. I’m glad he didn’t get injured as the headline made me think that before I read the story.


  • wally

    but then we’d have all this extra time.. we’d have to like, spend time with friends and family, or do our jobs…


  • Ufficio

    It’s really two bad his teammates didn’t pick him up. Rangers had about 4 or 5 quality chances, including two empty nets that they just flubbed.


  • kackac

    Unlucky on the own goal (pretty good finish though). I still don’t think he is a CB in the USMNT. It will be interesting to see what Bradley’s long term fix to the center mid problem will be. Granted, it’s a good problem to have.


  • DannyboyAtl

    Good lord, I’ve been saying this forever…given our glut of defensive mids/destroyers, why not move one or two of them to left back/right back spot given those are our two most needed positions. Over a game, they can be interchangeable with the midfield given the circumstance and run of play. Plus, they would be heck of a lot better on the ball then the outside backs we have. John O’brien was a left back for Ajax and was our best midfielder during the 2002 WC run.

    Something to think about…


  • alf

    One thing’s for sure: we should never, ever try any combination that doesn’t include Mikey Bradley … He’s so clearly head and shoulders above all competition (Jones, Edu, Holden). 😮


  • Neruda

    oh, i get it you’re being facetious. In all seriousness “Mikey’s” place on the team shouldn’t be questioned after one bad friendly and the fact that he’s still BB’s son. If he plays poorly in many US games, loses his spot on his club team etc than we can start calling for his exclusion from the field.


  • Yinka Double Dare

    Great idea, bench one of our best guys from the World Cup because he wasn’t as good in a couple of meaningless friendlies.


  • freddie footballer

    man, he really knows how to score with his head, period. at least we know he’s valuable on set pieces. 🙂


  • Joamiq

    The own goal was just super unlucky. Not really anything you can do about that. The goal, however, was pretty superb. That was some serious ups right there.


  • Joamiq

    Seriously. Do these people actually WATCH these guys play? I love Edu, but he simply does not have Bradley’s skill, vision, or instincts. Bradley and Jones should be played together whenever possible, because for the near future, that’s the best combo. If Edu can learn to play in the back, then great. If not, we’ve got a very good midfielder on the bench. Not a horrible thing.


  • CplDaniel

    That was nice. So was the curveball off the post. Unlucky that the forward couldn’t finish with an open goal just by keeping the ball on the ground!


  • tnnelson

    yea naismith missed a few sitters as well, one of which should have been an assist for edu


  • dutchtwista

    not true. he’s got BETTER vision and passing than Bradley. I love MB’s game, think he’s an obvious choice for regular but NOT permanent Nats starting role but Edu and Jones (and Holden Torres Feilhaber Clark) are all usefulmember of what should be a rotation. insteadt it’s basically MB +10 in terms of lineup selection. that should be up for revision is all most people are saying.


  • Joamiq

    I disagree. Like I said, I love Edu, but his vision and passing is just not as good as Bradley’s. I don’t think it’s ridiculous to suggest that Edu and Jones would be better as a starting tandem, but I don’t think Bradley has done anything to have Edu elevated above him.

    And it’s not MB+10. MB is one of many mainstays in the starting XI – Donovan, Dempsey, and Onyewu at the least. Don’t pretend otherwise.


  • DC Josh

    Yeah it sucks he scored the own goal. But look at the big picture: he has played 270 minutes in the Champions League group stage, earning his team 5 points out of 9 and second place halfway through the round. Steven Davis was the Man of the Match for Rangers, but Edu has been getting priceless experience playing in the world’s top club soccer competition. The own goal leaves them in a tough position heading into their next 3 games. But Rangers deserved to win last night and had the better chances. Valencia’s defense was extremely suspect.


  • boomm

    edu was trying to be a hero like mexicos javier hernandez when he score againts valencia giving manchester united there victory at the mestalla after 8 years or so. but edu fail big time.


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