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College Top 25: Butler keeps climbing, Princeton joins list

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For the first time this season, the top five schools in the NSCAA Top 25 remained the same but there was a slight tweak in order.

Akron retain the top spot yet again with all 23 first-place votes while the Louisville Cardinals stay in the runner up spot after a couple of wins last week. It's the first time since week two that the No. 2 team kept their position. Maryland switch places with ACC rivals North Carolina to land at No. 3 and No. 4 respectively. UConn stay put to round out the top five.

Butler continue to climb up the rankings on the back of their perfect record, rising to No. 7. Duke continue their slide down the rankings, falling from No. 19 to No. 24, after a 2-0 loss to UCSB on Friday. Ohio State tumbled nine places to No. 25, clinging to the rankings by a solitary point ahead of College Of Charleston.

Princeton was the only team to join the rankings this week, bumping the Ivy League up to three ranked teams.

Here is the latest NSCAA College Top 25:

NSCAA College Top 25

  1. Akron (23) 575 (11-0-1)
  2. Louisville 548 (10-0-2)
  3. Maryland 510 (9-2-1)
  4. North Carolina 507 (9-2-1)
  5. Connecticut 469 (9-1-3)
  6. Southern Methodist 451 (11-1-0)
  7. Butler 424 (12-0-0)
  8. Virginia 414 (9-2-2)
  9. UC Irvine 387 (10-1-2)
10. Creighton 360 (9-2-0)
11. UCLA 321 (9-3-1)
12. California 307 (8-2-2)
13. Monmouth 276 (9-1-2)
14. Brown 265 (7-1-3)
15. Pennsylvania 261 (10-2-0)
16. Michigan State 209 (10-3-0)
17. Tulsa 186 (7-3-1)
18. South Carolina 159 (7-3-2)
19. South Florida 149 (8-2-3)
20. Boston College 137 (6-2-4)
21. Charlotte 113 (9-4-0)
22. Loyola Marymount 67 (9-3-2)
23. Princeton 58 (9-3-1)
24. Duke 54 (5-3-4)
25. Ohio State 47 (7-4-2)

Also receiving votes: College of Charleston 46, William & Mary 43, Portland 32, Florida Gulf Coast 22, Indiana 14, UC Santa Barbara 10, Penn State 9, Old Dominion 8, Central Florida 7, West Virginia 5. 

  • GGeorge

    Kind of strange that Duke can be comprehensively beaten by UC Santa Barbara on Friday night and then ranked well above them on Monday. Duke’s record (five wins in 12 games) suggests the result wasn’t an aberration. Do the voters even check the scores?


  • BSU SC

    It’s beautiful to see 3 teams from the midwest in the top 10.

    GO BUTLER!!! Perfection.


  • Dinho


    Think you’d see any non-ACC team in the top 25 with a 5-3-4 record? Come on….give the West Coast (the best coast) a little love.


  • USAQuake

    Yeah. I think UCSB is a little underrated here. They had a slow start but have won 8 of 9 while beating 2 teams ranked well ahead of them.


  • merfe05

    Butler is just tearing it up, the WSU game was intense but they ending up with the win. They just know how to win… Butler Way doesn’t just count for basketball.


  • Black Tide

    Yeah I do not understand how my Alma mater, UCSB is not in the top 25. I really hope they make the final. It would be amazing if they won…


  • adam

    Infinitely more baffling is Tulsa’s place in the Top 25. What exactly have they proved since getting blown out by Akron on national television a few weeks ago? Who have they beaten?


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