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Remember When: March 26, 2008

The last time the United States men's national team faced Poland, Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu and Eddie Lewis all scored off set pieces in a 3-0 rout at Wisla Stadium in Krakow. Start getting into game mode for Saturday night's friendly in Chicago by taking a trip down memory lane:

What are your predictions for Saturday's match? Who will score the goals? Where will you be watching the match?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Duck

    I remember this game! I was just starting to pay closer attention to US soccer and those goals had me thinking, “with a defense that can score goals like this, we don’t even need forwards…” Good win on European soil, though.


  • Venegoor of Hesslink


    For Nats fans set-piece goals only half count. So really we won 1.5-0.

    If only they had been from the run of play.


  • Aquaman

    If Heath had the stache back then, he wouldn’t have gotten elbowed in the throat.


  • SwerveZ

    I think we will win 3-1 this time with some goals from the run of play…depending on who starts.


  • EA

    I believe this game was the first use of the grey jersey.

    The preparations and training for this game were used extensively in one of the sappy Gatorade/Nike/US Soccer commercials that I love so much.

    I miss Eddie Lewis in a national team jersey.


  • wally

    they look badass in the charcoal jersies. i remember the game..and i remember how dominant the gooch can be. i hope we get the old gooch back


  • WiscFan

    I remember that game as well. I’ll be there tomorrow night, and the Fire tonight. It should be a great weekend of soccer!


  • usa's improving

    perhaps a 2-1 result in our favor. Poland scoring off a corner & one of ours being a penalty on Deuce.


  • dan

    It could be worse. For instance, just watch the Stuart Holden goal vs. Haiti. At least none of these brought out the real ear-splitter: “Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”


  • Neruda

    Ahh, the good ole days when the US would score on set pieces without the ref blowing a whistle for a phantom foul or offsides. I’m burning my vuvuzela as a sacrifice to soccer gods, praying they grant our NT goals from the forward position.


  • Darth Vader

    I predict that I’m going to miss the game and be forced to avoid the internet and other humans until I get to watch it later via DVR. Why oh why do they always scheduled these Saturday US friendlies during my team’s games?

    I can’t remember the last time I got to watch a US game live on a Saturday evening.


  • Mark S

    Who cares? It was a friendly. How about when things mattered? Like in the World Cup?

    I’ll be at the game rooting for lots of goals and a draw.


  • John Coctostan

    I just went back and read Ives’ running commentary from this game. It’s amazing how the team’s play was consistent with the play at the World Cup, even though it took place two years prior. Nothing from the forwards, bouts of shoddy defending, turnovers from Clark, mixed with solid play/praise for Donovan, Howard, and Cherundolo (among others). The only real surprise was the solid outing for Heath Pearce.


  • Second City

    I agree. We should have beaten Poland in South Africa ” WHEN THINGS MATTERED /nerdrage “.

    Oh, wait a second….We didn’t play Poland?

    I guess that’s why there’s highlights/discussion of the last encounter we had with this nation.

    Not relevant at all!



  • Second City

    I am ecstatic I get to watch this one live while avoiding FSC’s faux HD icon and amateur broadcasting clarity that 90 % of us tolerate for the sake of our footy-fix.

    Luckily the Columbia match is broadcasted in actual HD on ESPN2.


  • Nathanael Greene

    Yes. The 2007 Gold Cup final commentary announcing the penalty decision was an instant classic. Vintage Max.


  • Howard Roark

    Call it a guilty pleasure, but I kind of like his “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees”. Most memorable was the call in the 2007 Gold Cup Final: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnny Feilhaaaaaaaaaaaaber!


  • Franklin

    goddamn that is some disappointing news. makes you wonder if he’s learned anything from that.


  • Kevin in Denver

    He wasn’t driving. He took the rap for a teammate. And you’re about a day late.


  • norm

    Here’s my prediction: Jozy Altidore will start and play like his usual lazy self, botch all of his first touches as usual, fake a huge dive in the box as usual, and most of all he will NOT score. It status quo for him.


  • norm

    Here’s my prediction: Jozy Altidore will start and play like his usual lazy self, botch all of his first touches as usual, fake a huge dive in the box as usual, and most of all he will NOT score. It’s status quo for him b/c he stinks.


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