Your Running Commentary

Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary


Before the Major League Soccer playoffs continue, some high-profile teams overseas will be in action.

Premier League title chasers Chelsea and Arsenal each look to avoid being tripped up in their respective matches, setting the table for the key Tottenham-Manchester United battle at Old Trafford.

Over in Italy, AC Milan and Juventus square off in a battle of traditional powers, and a little to the west, upstart Hercules will try to slay La Liga leader Real Madrid after already beating Barcelona earlier in the season.

If you will be watching any or all of Saturday's action, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV schedule is after the jump):


9:30am– GolTV- Wolfsburg vs. Stuttgart

10:00am– Fox Soccer Channel- Arsenal vs. West Ham

10:00am– ESPN2/ESPN3.com- Blackburn vs. Chelsea

10:00am– FoxSoccer.tv- Everton vs. Stoke City

10:00am– FoxSoccer.tv- Fulham vs. Wigan Athletic

10:00am– Fox Soccer Plus/FoxSoccer.tv- Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Manchester City

12:00pm– Fox Soccer Plus/FoxSoccer.tv- Roma vs. Lecce

12:00pm– ESPN3.com- Valencia vs. Real Zaragoza

12:20pm– FoxSoccer.tv- Barnsley vs. Hull City

12:30pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Tottenham vs. Manchester United

1:00pm– FoxSoccer.tv- Auxerre vs. Nice

1:00pm– FoxSoccer.tv- Brest vs. St. Etienne

1:00pm– FoxSoccer.tv- Caen vs. Nancy

1:00pm– FoxSoccer.tv- Lorient vs. Arles

1:00pm– FoxSoccer.tv- Lyon vs. Sochaux

1:00pm– FoxSoccer.tv- Toulouse vs. Lens

2:00pm– GolTV- Hercules vs. Real Madrid

2:30pm– Fox Soccer Channel- AC Milan vs. Juventus

2:45pm– ESPN3.com- PSV vs. Twente

3:00pm– FoxSoccer.tv- Marseille vs. Rennes

4:00pm– ESPN3.com- Barcelona vs. Sevilla

4:15pm– ESPN3.com- Academica de Coimbra vs. FC Porto

5:00pm– Fox Soccer Channel- FC Dallas vs. Real Salt Lake

6:00pm– GolTV- Internacional vs. Santos (Delayed)

8:00pm– GolTV- La Equidad Bogota vs. Millonarios Bogota

9:00pm– Telemundo- Tigres UANL vs. Jaguares

8:00pm– Telefutura- Santos Laguna vs. Guadalajara

8:00pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Fulham vs. Wigan Athletic (Delayed)

10:00pm– Telefutura- San Jose Earthquakes vs. New York Red Bulls

10:45pm– Telemundo- Atlas vs. Pachuca

  • Supsam

    you have no idea how happy I am in having this argument on who should start. We actually have too many talented players in competition for a position. This was unheard of in years past!

    …if only we had the same problem for our forwards spot too haha


  • Supsam

    what are you talking about! I live in the bay area and everyone says it all the time haha it must have came along with the Hyphy movement and is here to stay. Hella awesome.


  • Sonicdeathmonkey

    And the ref played the advantage because Gomes had the ball. There was no whistle. Gomes messed up.

    Yeah, we get it…you hate United, but the fact is it was Gomes’ fault for not playing the whistle.


  • Alexandria

    Dude they are providing a service, you Should be grateful for stuff that’s free not something you’re paying for Fsc could do better.


  • Joamiq

    How is not whistling for a handball when Nani puts his hand on top of the ball and drags it toward him the right call?


  • Joamiq

    Playing advantage 115 yards from the goal is the most absurd idea I’ve ever heard of. In fact, Gomes asked the ref for an indication of what the situation was, and he made some gesture that certainly was not the advantage signal.


  • Josh

    These are the breaks you get when you’re ManU. They don’t get them in the Champions League, which is why such a glamour team doesn’t usually win the CL. But in the EPL, they get calls like this all the time.


  • ManicMessiah

    I haven’t watched them, but I just went through their results. After the 83rd minute there was the wolves game where they scored two late goals to win3-1 and bale’s two goals in the loss to inter. Not exactly the cardiac kids.


  • Joamiq

    They also came from behind to win against Villa and Fulham and to draw Everton. And four goals in the 83rd minute or later isn’t enough for you?

    Anyway, the point with respect to Spurs was that they’ve played very well this season when down, which you’re obviously ignorant of. And the bigger point is that to assume in any game that the score at 83 minutes will be the score after 90 is just silly.

    A bad call is a bad call, no matter when it comes.


  • ManicMessiah

    They were down 3 to Inter, and all the games you mentioned were level by half time.

    As far as Spurs playing better when down, all I can judge is the match I watched today and thought theywere much better before the goal.

    Finally, I don’t think it was a bad call.


  • RoryD

    That’s not the issue. The issue is whether the goal should have stood, and, yes, it should have. You play to the whistle, and since the whistle wasn’t blown there was nothing wrong with nani putting it in the back of the net. I’m not arguing that there wasn’t a handball (there was), but there was also a penalty right before that that wasn’t called either. Keep playing until the referee stops play.


  • Joamiq

    Coming from behind is coming from behind. If you’ve only watched Spurs in one match, your opinion on them is worthless.

    If you think this shouldn’t have been a dead ball, your opinions in general are worthless.


  • Joamiq

    Incorrect. “Have to play the whistle” sounds nice and sanctimonious, but you can’t reasonably blame someone for thinking that the result of this is a dead ball: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/10/30/article-1325257-0BD72A74000005DC-929_634x359.jpg.

    In addition, Gomes asked Clattenburg for clarification, and he did NOT give the “advantage” signal.

    As for a “penalty”, I think we can all agree that a) Kaboul made contact b) the contact was not nearly enough to bring Nani down and c) Nani had dived about 24 times previously in the match.


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