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Convey named MLS Comeback Player of the Year

Photo by Kelley L. Cox/ISIphotos.com

Two years ago, a knee injury derailed Bobby Convey's English Premier League career. Even last season, Convey struggled to find fitness and form in his return to Major League Soccer, leaving many to think that his best days were behind him.

This season featured a remarkable turnaround in both health and performance for Convey, who bounced back to lead resurgent San Jose with 10 assists en route to being named MLS Comeback Player of the Year.

Convey, who was named to the MLS All-Star team back in July, won the award outlasting the other two finalists, New York Red Bulls defender Chris Albright and FC Dallas winger Brek Shea.

What do you think of this selection? Do you think Convey is a deserving winner? Was there anybody who was not named a finalist that you think should have been considered?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Johnny Thunder

    Bobby is a stand up guy and I’m glad to see him get this award. Very deserved. I bet Reading would like him back now.


  • Raymon

    OT, but we need a forum here for this: What do you think of Gooch exchanging punches with Ibrahimovic at Milan practice? Apparently Gooch was more than peeved by a dirty tackle from the striker. Seems like a good sign for USMNT, no? May not be the best career move to take a swipe at the owner’s expensive lamborghini, but maybe shows us that Gooch is still the tough central defender we all know.


  • soccerroo

    Good choice in picking Convey. My question is how was Brek Shea even nominated for this award? He is a young player who is developing not somebody coming back from a bad year or injury.


  • Tony in Quakeland

    Convey was beyond awful last year. I remember sitting in the stands with my son trying to explain to him that Donovan, Beasley AND Convey used to be spoken about together and that some (inlcuding World Soccer) rated Convey the highest. He thought I was kidding.

    Well, everything that had people excited about him was on display against the Red Bulls and for most of the year. He obviously took a hard look at himself and responded to some cold truths. His Lazurus act is now complete. Well done, Bobby


  • andy

    Maybe it was because Convey played in 10 more games and had an overall more effective season than Albright? Doesn’t sound ridiculous to me.


  • dman

    would like to see him at left back for the USMNT….if he gets called in again, he does deserve it at least.


  • einar

    did albright play in the playofffs? i dont remember. but if he did. doesnt that mean he got owned by convey in the playoffs since he is an RB and convey is an LM?


  • KEEP

    I’m happy that he’s gotten himself back into a possible NATS mix, no question the guys got talent and the will to work himself out of a funk.


  • DC Josh

    How was Brek Shea up for the Comeback Award? He’s only 20 years old. What did he comeback from, acne?


  • Joseph D'Hippolito

    Well said, D.C.

    BTW, Eddie Robinson got screwed. Robinson missed the entire season last year because of injury (Convey didn’t; he still played in about 20 games, I think), earns his starting position back, plays the entire season and doesn’t even get nominated? The fact that the Dynamo was bad is irrelevant. Robinson exhibited more of a “comeback” than either Convey or Shea combined. Defenders always get screwed by the voters (witness Ream in voting for Rookie of the Year).


  • tomcat

    Bobby Convey certainly deserves this award over and above all others. I (like most others) am a little puzzled at how Breck Shea is even in the conversation with no mention of Eddie Robinson or Jeff Parke.


  • Nik

    Huge Convey Fan, Besides Dempsey, he was the only US player to show in 2006. Still a reading fan because of DC and Marcus.


  • comulles

    To be honest, Shea didn’t even have that good of a year? 5 goals and 4 assists? C’mon. He’s better than that. He had a 2-goal game against San Jose, so even his goal numbers are inflated a little bit – in terms of consistency.

    As for why he was nominated, I’m in agreeance. He played 12 games with FC Dallas in 2009 and logged four assists. You already saw his numbers this season. Which is that different? Anyone under the age of 23 shouldn’t even be considered for CPOY award. What’s that say about the player? That he was ridiculously overhyped to begin with and never lived up to expectations? …until now, and only now he’s OK, but he’s just winning the CPOY, so he’s not THAT good, let’s be real. Oh brother..


  • Beckster

    Well deserved. I have long been a Convey fan and was worried that the severity of the injury permanently impacted his ability to play at a high level. I attribute last year to the fact he never got a rest coming over from Reading in midseason and playing through the year as well as a bit of an ego issue. Couldn’t be happier for him and hope he gets back in BB’s good graces.


  • William the Terror

    maybe because Convey shredded the Red Bull defense last week, exposing Albright as a crybaby on national television at least once.


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