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Dempsey scores again for Fulham

ClintDempsey (GettyImages)

Fulham is in an early battle to steer clear of relegation, and if not for Clint Dempsey, chances are the Cottagers would be losing that battle.

Dempsey stepped up yet again on Saturday, heading home his sixth goal of the season to help Fulham post a 1-1 tie vs. Birmingham City. The draw wasn't the result the Cottagers needed to move away from the drop zone, but Dempsey's latest goal kept things from being even worse.

In case you missed the goal, you can see it here (at the 1:17 mark):

American fans eager to see Dempsey in a U.S. national team uniform will likely have to wait until March, with the reported friendly against Argentina a possibility.

What did you think of Dempsey's latest finish? starting to wonder how much longer Dempsey will stay at Fulham?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Tim M.

    Deuce has to be getting bored of the EPL

    He could start for any club except the big two in La Liga and could probably play another 5 years at the highest level


  • salim

    Villa is suffering from poor defense and direction as a club this season. They continue to be plagued with injuries from their big men. They’re skimpy on financial ability to purchase key players. They don’t provide enough depth as a team to handle lose from injured players. Villa is not a smart move toward growth and development, a player of his caliber. Everton would not provide the growth as well. I would say, a team like Tottenham or Arsenal would be a better fit for Dempsey. He’s ready for teams that provide greater depth and play at a higher level. Both of these teams have great depth and stronger financial abilities.


  • Drew

    Dempsey is playing well for Fulham. If they avoid relegation, why does he need to go anywhere?



    He’ll have 10 league goals for the aeason. 5 so far and maybe 1 more before January. Than once Zamora returns, it’ll aid him.



    Dempsey wouldn’t start for Tottenham much less Arsenal. If Fulham were relegated he’d leave. Not for West Ham or any other London club. I’d hope he heads up north. Everton would be where he could start for a much bigger club. That or AV.

    Dempsey is at his peak now. If he wants to leave anywhere, he should in the next year.


  • tw

    I think that Dempsey will get more than 8 goals this season. I think he’d do well in Serie A if I’m perfectly honest.

    So who’s better. LD or CD?


  • phil

    So who’s better. LD or CD?

    It’s apples and oranges, but if I could only have one I’d take Deuce, but completely understand why someone else would pick LD.


  • Memphis Rogues

    Maybe it’s time to change our perception of Deuce: winger to striker. Deuce has been scoring for Fulham as a striker. I wonder what folks would have said if Altidore had 6 goals for Hull before Christmas last year? If he continues up top, Deuce will easily have 8 by Christmas and easily be in double digits by the end of the season. He’s by far the most prolific American striker playing now.


  • Tim M.

    The only massive team in the EPL I could see him playing for would be the reds.

    Even there he wouldn’t be a starter day in and out though.

    The Magpies, Black Cats, Toffees and Hammers would all probably better step ups, though i wouldn’t say so currently for the West Ham.


  • CSD

    Clint should be able to beat out Brede Hangeland (currently tied for second) for leading scoring at Fulham this year.

    If Eddie Johnson can’t make it on the field for this striker deficient EPL club he might have to accept the fact the EPL isn’t in his future after this contract expires.


  • kev

    well remember Michael Bradley has the record for most goals scored by an American in Europe with 19 in all competition back in 07-08 with his dutch team H-veen. Now that being said Klass Huntelaar the Dutch guy who couldn’t start for either Real Madrid/AC Milan scored 30+ goals in several seasons. But also Bradley’s team was an average club at best.

    Dempsey could score maybe 12 at most but definitely not more unless Fulham adds some better midfielders in January. Either way, he’s their best player and the critics in England agree to that.


  • hm

    Brede is a defender and has 2 goals. Clint has 5 league goals and another in the League or was it the FA Cup? Either way he’s their top scorer and will likely be until Zamora returns. Now with that said Zamora is an average striker and never scores more than 10 goals a season and is easily inconsistent. Dempsey will be top scorer if he keeps up his form. Maybe say 10 league goals and 2 in the cup so = 12 in all competition.


  • Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser

    Dempsey needs to stay at Fulham, so FC can open Dempsey’s Pub next to McBride’s in Craven Cottage.


  • todd

    I predict, with his shooting (by far the best of the game against Birmingham), Dempsey will tally 15 goals this season.


  • PetedeLA

    I think Dempsey is doing so well because he knows the fans and the club itself have a lot of confidence in him. I don’t think he will garner that much respect at a huge club like Liverpool and then we might see his production rate slip.

    As a Bundesliga fan I’d love to see him go to Schalke for 10 million. Those idiots will pay it, and then Clint will not only be THE MAN in the Bundesliga, but Schalke will actually win the Bundelsiga. I know it’s crazy (especially since I hate Schalke), but it would be cool.


  • GTV

    With all due respect to LD, MB, our GKs in the EPL, and others, Clint is THE MAN when it comes to Yanks playing at the highest level. I would take him on my starting XI against any team, anywhere.


  • YarnPeople

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Deuce isn’t going anywhere. While I’d agree that he could play for a better club (perhaps a top-5, probably not a league winner), why would he want to? That’s a problem with a lot of the big names, they just jump up and up and up with no allegiance. Guys like Ronaldo. I just don’t understand what fans like about a guy who just jumps around like that. Clint is a wonderful player who has earned the respect of the Cottager faithful. He’s loved and he scores. No need to change unless Fulham fall flat and end up in the relegation zone, which seems doubtful, especially if Zamora comes back from his break in due time.


  • Herbert

    I’m sure Clint would jump around for the amount of money Ronaldo is being offered TO jump.


  • CrazyMike366

    I think Deuce would do well for himself to play at Tottenham. He’s gobs better than Bentley or Gio and would shore up their wing play opposite Bale. He could slot straight into Liverpool’s lineup as a link-up striker to give some decent service in to Torres and take some of the load off of his shoulders. He’d also fit well into any but the top two of La Liga, any team but Baryern Munich in the Bundesliga or any team in Seria A, provided he could learn the language. If he’s tired of being abroad he could even come back to MLS as one of the premier DP’s in the league.


  • bandeeto

    After watching it twice it looked ok to me. Clint didn’t jump THROUGH the defender. It’s clear that he jumpd AROUND the poor guy and then the defender let himself collaps to the ground (looks like in disgust rather than an attempt to draw a foul). Their was some contact, Clint didn’t knock the guy off of his feet. Out-jumping an opposing player is not a foul.


  • Mike S

    I’d like to see Clint stay at Fulham – the only exception would be if they were to get relegated. If that happens, Everton is the best place for him IMO. He would be a starting XI player there and would help them. When they click, they have a better shot at finishing higher on the table than Fulham


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