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McCarty, Nyassi among those chosen in 2010 Expansion Draft

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The 2010 season may be only be a few days dead, but the 2011 season has already kicked off with the Expansion Draft. 

The Vancouver Whitecaps and the Portland Timbers added ten players to their initial MLS rosters on Wednesday as their clubs began to take shape for the 2011 season. FC Dallas midfielder Dax McCarty was chosen by Portland with the first overall pick in the Expansion Draft while the Whitecaps selected Sounders winger Sanna Nyassi with their first selection.

Current MLS clubs could only lose two players and several did lose their full allotment. Eight clubs including Seattle, Dallas, Real Salt Lake, the Columbus Crew, Chivas USA, Chicago Fire, San Jose Earthquakes and the Philadelphia Union each lost the maximum two players. No players were selected from the Los Angeles Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, New England Revolution and the Houston Dynamo. 

The complete list of picks is below the jump:

Portland Timbers FC: Dax McCarty, Eric Brunner, Adam Moffat, Anthony Wallace, David Horst, Robbie Findley, Peter Lowry, Jonathan Bornstein, Jordan Graye, Arturo Alvarez

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Sanna Nyassi, Atiba Harris, Nathan Sturgis, Shea Salinas, Alan Gordon, O'Brian White, Alejandro Moreno, Joe Cannon, Jonathan Leathers, John Thorrington

Who do you believe won the draft? Like Portland taking a risk on Bornstein and Findley? Think the Whitecaps will go after a DP?

Share your thoughts below. 

  • Matt

    Robbie Findley may be a dumb pick, if he goes to Brondby or whatever. Should’ve picked someone else and waited to see if he goes or not, then offer him a terrible contract haha.


  • kpugs

    He’s a dumb pick regardless, unless they increase the size of the goals twenty-fold. Guy couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn from 6 inches away.


  • k

    Interesting that not one player was picked from the MLS sweethearts and division champions LA and NY.


  • The Dude

    NY protected it’s best 11, traded Hall, and automatically kept Agudelo, Tchani, Chinn, and other GA and homegrown players, so there wasn’t much to choose from. Maybe Austin Da Luz.


  • sciroccer

    I can’t believe Portland took Horst from RSL? My 16 year old kid beat him twice at an RSL training session. I think FC Dallas was the team most hurt by draft. Robbie was leaving either way, and Horst sucks!


  • sciroccer

    I can’t believe Portland took Horst from RSL? My 16 year old kid beat him twice at an RSL training session. I think FC Dallas was the time most hurt by draft. Robbie was leaving either way, and Horst sucks!


  • Seriously

    Bornstein and Findley are both leaving and then Portland traded its new best player for Rodney Wallace? The wheels have fallen off already. Looks like last years DC United is this years Portland Timbers. Ouch.


  • Kaiser

    LA didn’t have anything worth taking. A bunch of has beens, cause they protected most of the young talent. Maybe someone could haev taken Jordan.


  • Dave in San Jose

    As a San Jose fan, I’m pretty happy. We clear out $400K in cap space (Cannon and Alvarez both at $200K). Joe is a great team guy, but Busch was going to be #1 in 2011 and we don’t need a $200K #2. Alvarez was a spark off the bench, but he only had 1 left foot and again $200K was too much for a non-starting spark.

    For the Philly fans, I agree – losing Salinas sucks. I feel for ya.


  • matt in detroit

    Good point. Cannon is a good player and good pickup but you can’t spend that for a backup keeper.

    Alvaro obviously had talent but never was consistent. Playing some form of defense might have helped.


  • Alex

    Why waste two expansion picks on two players that aren’t playing in the MLS next year (Bornstein and Findley)? Seems silly and wasteful on the part of the Timbers.


  • Nova99

    Maybe they will get some type of compensation if players leave? like first shot at some returning player?

    Regardless, people wonder why soccer fans here do not get fully behind the league, just look at all that has happened today, regular fans are even confused with all the allocation money, international spots, 3rd/4th round picks expansion drafts, drafting players who are leaving, etc etc. Sometimes our parity system is just too damn complicated!


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