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Mid-Day Ticker: USMNT roster taking shape, Wilkins leaves Chelsea and more

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Bob Bradley still hasn't announced his roster for the United States' friendly against South Africa next week, but more names continue to be revealed ahead of Thursday's official proclamation.

According to Columbus Dispatch reporter Shawn Mitchell, Brian Carroll, Eddie Gaven and Robbie Rogers will all be making the trip to Cape Town. Additionally, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Michael C. Lewis reports that Robbie Findley and MLS Defensive Player of the Year finalist Nat Borchers are also expected to be included on the final roster.

This comes a day after sources informed SBI that Mikkel Diskerud, Juan Agudelo and Gale Agbossoumonde were likely to be called up as well.

Here are a few more stories to carry you over until Bradley's official roster announcement:


Chelsea asssistant coach Ray Wilkins has left Stamford Bridge after not being offered a new contract by the club. His current contract runs through the end of the season, but he chose to leave the team effective immediately.

Wilkins assisted Luiz Felipe Scolari, Guus Hiddink and current coach Carlo Ancelotti and was also interim coach of the club after Scolari was fired.


Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben, who has yet to feature for the German champions this season, has returned to training.

Robben injured his hamstring prior to the World Cup but still managed to play for the Dutch, whose run ended with a World Cup final loss to Spain.

Robben is still many weeks away from achieving full fitness, and the team does not expect him back on the pitch prior to the new year.


AC Milan veteran striker Filippo Inzaghi is probably out for the season after suffering a knee injury in Wednesday's win over Palermo.

Inzaghi, 37, will have to undergo surgery to repair ligament damage.


Blackpool coach Ian Holloway has threatened to quit if he is fined by the Football Association after making 10 changes to his starting lineup ahead of Wednesday's 3-2 loss to Aston Villa.

Wolves coach Mick McCarthy was fined £25,000 for making 10 changes to his lineup and fielding a weaker squad against Manchester United in a match last season.

Holloway claimed that with his team in the midst of a 12-day, four-game stretch, he was looking to keep his squad fresh. The product on the field certainly wasn't poor, considering Blackpool twice came back from a goal down only to fall at the death.


What do you think about the potential call-ups of Carroll, Gaven, Rogers, Findley and Borchers? Can you see Wilkins landing a head coaching job in the Premier League? Do you think the loss of Inzaghi is a big blow to AC Milan? Do you think Holloway deserves to be fined for tinkering with his starting lineup?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Illmatic74

    From US soccer’s Twitter.

    Roster part 1: GK-Guzan, Cervi; D-Agbossoumonde, Borchers, Bornstein, Goodson, Lichaj, Ream, Spector #USMNT

    Roster part 2: M-Bedoya, Carroll, Diskerud, Gaven, Pause, Rogers; F-Agudelo, Bunbury, Findley


  • sushant

    Interesting about Bunbury. Can’t believe Findley is on the roster! If you are looking for guys not doing anything, what about EJ? At least he’s training with an EPL team 🙂


  • ELAC

    We’re gonna lose in Capetown. There I said it, while some of you thought it. I still hope I’m wrong though.


  • Sean

    Suprising BB is bringing so many into their first camp here. Traditionally, he has brought new guys into longer camps that just one match. He’s peaked my interest.


  • Tim M.

    lol, couldn’t of been worded better. this roster is completely out of left field. January camp should look very very interesting


  • Mig22

    The Wilkins thing has more going on that has been announced, I think. Apparently, the resignation/sacking happened at half time of a reserves game last night. He was on the sidelines for the first half, and didn’t come out for the second.

    Not good for Chelsea, Wilkins did a lot for the team.


  • William the Terror

    And not in the mid-day ticker: FA to discipline Newcastle’s “Jailbird” Joey Barton for yet another unprovoked assault. When is this thug going to be banned?


  • Mig22

    I don’t know about ‘banned’ but it’s getting to the point where he may just need to be jailed or institutionalized for a while. Kid needs his head examined.


  • William the Terror

    he jammed a lit cigar into the eye of a teammate a few years back, then beat up another teammate at ManCity. He has beaten up at least two fans and served a six month jail sentence. i agree he needs his head examined and some more jail time. i doubt he will be banned, but if ever a player needed to be …


  • Mig22

    I hear you WtT and we are in agreement that the guy is a plague.

    I’m just not in favor of the league banning players because that gives the league too much power. Where would it stop? Could players or coaches get banned for statements they make? For unproven allegations? Stuff like that. I think the teams should do it by not signing the guy. I know this is a bit unrealistic though.


  • bizzy

    why oh why are we fielding average players that have been around the League for a while and are not in any of the top categories namely:

    Golden boot



    shots on goal

    game winning goals

    what is up with always always always selecting findley and robbie rogers when our backs are against the wall? Findley has never been eyed by any clubs abroad and rogers couldnt make the FIRST team for the dutch side Heerenveen (tried out and came back)!!!! Are they like good friends of MB and use to come over for dinner or something? Adu is better than the both of them put together, play time or not (at least he’s training with a premier team, just like gooch).

    If we got Agudelo from the columbians why not Sebastien Le Toux (26) from the french. He’s eligible to play for the US or France and is in the top 5 in ASSISTS, GOLDEN BOOT and leads in SHOTS ON GOAL, why are we not chasing him!!!!! And if we’re talking about experience (like donovan) how are about Salvatore Zizzo(23) who just came back from hannover 96 and played with bradley, altidore and adu in the U-20.

    Why are we stuck on the same ol’ same ol’. BB is not the answer for the future of US Soccer


  • Rory

    Adu’s Law (That Adu will eventually be mentioned in a thread about the US team) took 41 minutes today. Way behind schedule. Something is very, very wrong.


  • the rick

    Please don’t ban him! He has been a great, low cost addition to my EPL fantasy team. Thug on, Brother!


  • Rory

    Holloway is beastly funny. Read that story and hear the gems like “If some bright spark from the Premier League wants to tell me who I can pick then come and have a cup of coffee and you’ll probably get it chucked in your lap.”


  • Lost in Space

    took about 10 minutes on the thread where the roster was actually revealed. therefore you’re Psychology/Sociology study is still within its tolerances.


  • Alexandria

    Ha ha ha, great laugh, so how is adu doing on that premier clubs reserve side? ?? Do you know? Does anybody know? Well if someone knows I bet its Bob. Hate on him if you want to but honestly sal played like ten games if that this year. BB rewarded the guys who played well and were available nough said.


  • bizzy

    hahaha is right BB knows…About all the minutes spector is having or all the goals findley is scoring this season? Better yet how about bornstein or rogers always being call up, are they the best in their position in the league? The last time I checked playing for the national side is being the best of the best at your position, in this case its far from the truth, and you (and everybody) else will see it come game day….


  • Edwin in LA

    I don’t think Adu should be on this list, LOL although I have to say I see his point Robbie Rogers are you kidding me? Brian Carroll and Eddie Gaven? What we need to try him at GK?

    I know we are limited by guys like Convey, and…… well really that’s it I can’t think of many others from MLS who I think are tied up. Oh god half of me wants Pachuca to make the playoffs in Mexico so our boys have a shot at being in the “liguilla” and make the CCL, but they do have a FIFA Club World Cup they need to look forward to after the season? Would love to see Jose Francisco Torres make headlines there.

    But seriously I can’t believe I’m going to say this but why not Sacha for this B squad, Carroll and Gaven are C squad at best, why not someone like Beckerman instead of are of ARE YOU KIDDING ME Logan Pause? Did we not learn anything from Gold Cup 2009? Guys like Heaps, Pearce, Marshall, Pause, Rogers, Ching were in that team and we know what we get, Holden was the only good one there and I guess Goodsen. What about someone like Geoff Cameron? Did you see how he helped the Dynamo once he was back and healthy? Did you see the goal vs Seattle? Brad Davis is way better than Rogers he already proved that once this year vs Honduras!


  • Edwin in LA

    Why not give other guys a call up who maybe aren’t playing as much but have the experience and veteran presence to help the young guys some of whom are VERY young and will be getting their 1st caps like Gale Boss, Tim Ream, Mix Diskerud, Bunbury & Agudelo not to mention the back up GK is too! That’s 7 brand new faces to the senior team.

    Then you have guys like Findley or Bedoya who barely have 5 or 10 caps and if you talk about minutes is more like 3 or 7 games worth of a good 60-70 minutes.
    You guys realize based on this call up Bornstein might be our captain? WTF? Beasley seems like a great call up if we’re willing to call up Spector or Gale who aren’t really playing or even dressing for 1st team Football why not Beasley? Seems like a great addition instead of Rogers for God’s Sake, Gooch could even be called although I guess those guys need to established themselves with their teams, plus is bound to dress at least with Silva hurt? right?

    Findley is there, well because we don’t have too many forwards, I would of rather seen Justin Braun. But I guess Findley is the fastest of the bunch, although Bunbury might take away that reason?
    I still would of liked to see better choices than Pause, Gavin and Carroll. Beckerman, Clark, Beasley, Sacha, Brad Davis & Geoff Cameron make much more sense for a B team? some of those guys are fighting to get back to the fringe of even being in B team status but still Pause? Come on


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