Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Eric Avila

EricAvila (Getty Images) 

Eric Avila scored the most important goal of his young career on Saturday, blasting a long-range winner to lift FC Dallas to a 2-1 victory against Real Salt Lake. The goal broke a dead-lock in a fiercely-contested battle and gives the Hoops a good chance of knocking off the defending champions in a series that returns to Rio Tinto Stadium next week.

In case you missed Avila's goal, or just want to see it again, here it is.


What did you think of Avila's goal? See FC Dallas pulling off the series victory? Which goal did you like better, Avila's or Buddle's?

Share your thoughts below.

  • DC Josh

    Buddle’s goal was nice, but had some luck in the strike. Avila’s was pure class.

    I have to say the MLS playoffs have finally arrived. By that I mean their potential has been realized this season in the intensity and quality of the playoff games. Watching the LA/Seattle game last night felt like watching the MLS Cup final. MLS will only get better, but the league has taken a huge step forward this season.


  • SdbransonUSA

    Buddle’s goal was nice, but I think it was probably a 50/50 combination of skill and luck. Avila’s goal was huge, not just because he hit it right in front of me at PHP, but because it gives FCD a chance heading into Saturday’s game. It’s hard to win at Rio Tinto, but FCD has shown this season they know how to not lose. The second half of this series could be epic.


  • JL

    Two words about Avila’s goal: Freakin Awesome! I still give an advantage nod to RSL since they’ve proven time and time again this season why they are the current MLS champs. I’m expecting 2 teams playing their best games and leaving everything on the field after 90 minutes. It should be an outstanding game…


  • Colin

    I don’t know why people say that Buddle’s goal was luck. He settled the ball, turned, and took a shot from a good bounce, knowing that Keller was off his line. If that’s the definition of a “lucky goal,” then all goals are lucky in that the player “hopes” that the ball goes in the net.


  • MensreaJim

    On degree of difficulty, Buddle’s was as good as you see, and in a playoff game, on the road, etc..

    But given the context, Avila’s goal was nuts. It was terrific by itself, but in the 89th minute, 2 minutes after he came on? Crazy.


  • Tyler

    Really? Buddle’s goal was clearly better. Can’t believe people are arguing this. One of the better goals I’ve seen in recent memory.


  • starrock

    yeah, really. Between the face on Avila, the hand reaching over by the dude in glasses and the right hand of cowboy hat dude…lolz


  • Brennan

    I suppose if we are comparing, which I don’t see why we must, I give the edge to Buddles goal. I don’t see how you can argue that a lot of luck didn’t play into Buddles goal though. Watch the replay, he is staring at the ground all the way up until the shot is in the air. If he didn’t once even take a glance at the goal then there has to be an air of luck about it. It was still a very classy strike nonetheless.

    Between Buddles, Avila, and even Espindolas goal, we have seen some pretty impressive goals in these playoff games. Lets hope the trend continues.


  • Primoone

    yea…avilas’ goal was awesome…however, I’ve seen that show before. Buddle has about three of those this season.

    Buddles’ goal was something special.


  • phil

    every goal scored in this opening round was noteworthy, especially the one by old man mastroeni…


  • Raymon

    If it’s between Avila’s or Buddle’s goals, I would pick either one of Deuce’s brace, or even Nani’s “goal” for sheer must-see value. Point is that comparing goals is like asking me to pick my favorite child.


  • Yes, I too speak Gaucho

    Nice pace to open up space and a gorgeous finish in the side netting, impossible to stop.

    GAUCHO! If you want great soccer one method is to feed the grass tortillas. Remember Eric Avila scored the winning goal that made UCSB national champs in 2006, hope this is the start of even greater things for him.

    American soccer IS getting better : )


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