UEFA Champions League

Barcelona draws Arsenal, Tottenham to take on Milan in UCL Round of 16


FC Barcelona will take on Arsenal and Tottenham will meet AC Milan in two of the most attractive match-ups produced by Friday's UEFA Champions League Round of 16 draw.

Inter Milan will take on Bayern Munich in a a rematch of last year's final, while Real Madrid will meet Lyon, the team that eliminated the Spanish powerhouse last season.

Here is a rundown of all eight match-ups:

AS Roma vs. Shakhtar Donetsk
AC Milan vs. Tottenham
Valencia vs. Schalke
Inter Milan vs. Bayern Munich
Lyon vs. Real Madrid
Arsenal vs. Barcelona
Marseille vs. Manchester United
Chelsea vs. FC Copenhagen

The Round of 16 will be played on Feb. 15-16 and Feb. 22-23.

What do you think of these match-ups? Think Tottenham can beat Milan? See Real Madrid exacting revenge on Lyon?

Share your thoughts below.

  • grubbsbl

    I don’t know why Arsenal begged for Barca. It’s not like Arsenal did well against them last year. I guess Fabregas is happy because it’s a free try out for him. Evra was right, AFC are a training ground for Barca


  • DC Josh

    Well Arsenal, you got your wish.

    Milan/Tottenham will be a great matchup. So will Roma/Shakhtar.


    Man I get pumped for Champions league after the group stage.


  • montana matt

    Arsenal will advance this year. Barcelona are overrated. Sweet new Qatari kit sponsorship btw. I always though Barca was supposed to stand for something and are “more than a club.” To call them sellouts would be understating it.

    (SBI-Before everybody kills Matt for his questionable comments you all should know he’s a hardcore Arsenal fan, so maybe it’s just wishful thinking.)


  • grubbsbl

    I’ll agree with the sell out part but overrated?!? Are you on drugs lol. I’m not even a fan but Barca are more complete than they were last yr and they shredded Arsenal then. In addition, Arshavin looks disinterested and Arsenal’s backline might be the worst left in this yrs competition. Arsenal won’t even get a touch of the ball nevertheless.


  • Steve C

    Didn’t Lyon knock RM out last year? When will the 1st legs of these games be played?

    (SBI-Yes, Lyon knocked Real Madrid last year. It says that in the post.)


  • BellusLudas

    After what Barca did to Real you really shouldn’t call them overrated…you look foolish.

    Sellout….hmmm…if you were them would you turn the deal down? Glass houses, stones, etc


  • montana matt

    Maybe overrated is a bit unfair. Revenge will be sweet though.

    But it is more than fair to call them sellouts. Barca are supposed to be a left-wing, ethical club. In their 100 plus year history, they’ve never before donned a corporate sponsorship on the front of their kits (despite countless opportunities to do so) which has earned them tons of respect. But nothing indicates a total abandonment of stated values like accepting sponsorship from an organization that according to El Mundo has “given money to extremist cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi an advocate of terrorism, wife-beating and anti-Semitism.” I used to tolerate Barca because they stood for something, now they’re just like every other club (and just as bad as the Francophiles at Real Madrid).


  • Rory

    You know, Barcelona wouldn’t be in such a financial mess if they’d put a companies name on their jersey a few years ago like everyone else. I wonder if turning down a possible 25 million over the last several years was worth pretending like they were a model of financial responsibility? It’s funny how we all looked at them as the perfect business model and we then find out that they’re 125 Million in debt or so. Makes you wonder how bad off some other teams are!


  • Rory

    Yes, it was… sorry, I just jumped right to the matchups and got so excited I didn’t read the rest of the post!


  • Brent McD.

    Arsenal pay dearly for not winning their Group. Chelski get a cakewalk. Not happy with this draw.


  • Ricky B. Free

    There is no such thing as a half way sell-out. They sold their souls to the devil end of story.


  • Felix

    I’m sure the team that has lost to West Brom and Newcastle AT HOME and lost a game with a two goal lead to their biggest rival will rise up and beat Barcelona LOL!!!!!!

    Get a clue, Arsenal can’t win a big game.


  • Second City

    Looking more and more like Arsenal will have zero trophies to show for at years end, again.

    Groundhogs Day for Wenger.

    Somewhere Mourinho is laughing at montana matt’s post.


  • Eurosnob

    Also, Arsenal fans should not call Barca overated particularly after what Barca did to Arsenal last year. Arsenal cannot even beat ManUtd, let alone Barca.


  • Phil

    You’re right, what with Arsenal doing such a smashup job against Man U and their recent history of not wilting in big matches…

    Oh wait.

    Right now the idea of Arsenal being a giant in world football is only that, an idea.

    Montana, I love Arsenal lineup so I wish it weren’t so, but until they get a solid center back and a big game keeper it’s all just wishful thinking.


  • Joamiq

    Spurs win a tough group, probably the second toughest after the RM-Milan group… and of course they draw the second place team from that group. Not fair. Someone in the draw-rigging committee doesn’t like Tottenham.


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