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FC Barcelona to tour the United States in the summer of 2011



American soccer fans just got an early Holiday present.

FC Barcelona will make a three city tour of the United States in the summer of 2011. The club's preseason preparations will begin in Europe before the start of the American tour, which will begin in Washington, D.C. on July 30th when Barcelona takes on Manchester United. The Catalan giants will then travel to Miami to take on AC Milan and Dallas to face Club America.

FC Barcelona last toured the U.S. in 2009 in a tour that took place primarily on the West Coast.

Excited to see Barcelona come to your town? Upset that they will not face MLS competition? What other European clubs will visit the U.S. in 2011.

Share your thoughts below.

  • Nate

    these tours are no more exciting to me than preseason NFL. Way overpriced and the results mean nothing.


  • jb

    ok then i’ll be the first to say i think its sweet! that i have a chance to take my boy and go see barca without having to fly across the pond.


  • honest

    Wow, I’m so glad the Qatar Foundation’s three ring circus is coming to town…

    Kind of rude, not treating their guests to a game…


  • Denver Andrew in D.C.

    Hey, I’d rather watch Barca’s reserves play Man Utd’s reserves over DCU’s starting XI anyday! And I like DC United!


  • Shane

    I wish RBNY could somehow get them to be part of the NY Football Challenge. I know they would probably destroy everybody, but it would still be great for all the fans. And with RBNY’s close ties to Barca, maybe it could happen.


  • Lorenzo

    Good stuff. But I wonder if these tours are as good as we think. Sometimes I feel like it is good for us who eat live and breath it, but perhaps it is too much soccer going on. Gold Cup, MLS, Open Cup, CCL, Foreign tours, SuperLiga…

    It probably is a great thing, just wondering if it maybe is over saturating, especially if these tours make their ways to cities that already have Gold Cup, MLS teams, CCL.

    BTW, are these friendlies organized through USSF? or who?


  • b

    Yes, because unlike the awful teams in the bottom half of La Liga, they might not win by 8 against MLS teams.
    I’m being serious.


  • Thor

    They know the MLS teams are chomping at the bits to get a piece of them and they want no part of that.


  • SoccerLee

    DC here I come!!!! I can understand many of the points of view here, but those are 2 of my very favorite teams, so how can I not go? Not much chance of seeing them together again, here in the states.


  • Pico

    I may go to Barcelona on February and time it so I can see them play against Arsenal for Champions League.

    Hopefully the schedule works so I can also make a trip to go see Villarreal at home.



  • Joe C

    Miami will sell out and the crowd is gonna be crazy. We have a ton of South Americans that live down here and we never get any of the big clubs down here.

    Miami shows up for big events like this but will not come out for a Dolphins v Lions game. Look up the 2003 gold cup USA v Brazil.


  • bryan

    really? NFL teams play in the US during their season. Barca plays across the Atlantic. slight difference. Overpriced though? Absolutely.


  • Pico

    If the trip happens I will bring you pics to the RB opener in section 201.

    As much as I like the tour next summer, I would rather see Barcelona when they are in form and hitting on all cylinders.

    I am not sure if you have seen their games for Copa del Rey and Champions where they have fielded some of their B team players. BIG difference!



  • 09tyhg

    when teams tour the USA, they need to hit up California or Texas or Florida or New York-Philly-DC area or Chicago. I stay in Louisiana so definitely glad many come near there.


  • Eurosnob

    They beat Real Madrid by 5 this year and Arsenal by 4 last year so I don’t think they are running scared from MLS teams. What manager would want to play against an MLS team, when the likes of ManUtd and AC Milan are available?


  • Don

    I cant make it to Spain to see my Barca play, so I will be happy with seeing them in DC, no matter how little the regular first teamers play.


  • curmudgeon

    1. Barcelona.
    2. Manchester United.
    3. At Six Flags Over Dan Snyder.

    Put all three together, and I think we can all expect the tickets to cost a bajillionty dollars.


  • Tatu

    These matches are getting more and more competitive…It is a shame they won’t be playing MLS clubs


  • 2011

    To play a cub that is in season mode playing starters…If you haven’t noticed, MLS teams are picking up ground


  • o ozan

    you guys are funny, it is not even same sport that is played here in MLS. You must be clueless…


  • Jose

    barcelona has a pena that’s in miami. a pena is an official supporter group that is associated with the football club. real madrid has one in n.y.


  • Brad

    Barca are likely to be missing Messi, right back Daniel Alves and midfielder Javier Mascherano because of the Copa America in Argentina, which ends July 24.


  • Nova99

    +1 for me was well.

    I used to be excited when they first started to come over, now its just boring, especially when some of the games they dont even really play with any intensity. Prices are way too high, can get a MLS 4 pack for the price of 1 ticket!


  • Luigi

    What in the world r u talking about ????? I was at the game against NY Red Bulls in 2008 and Barcelona scored 6 goals that evening. Barza wants to play against highly skilled teams and not the poor-quality soccer teams that play in the MLS. Plus if you dont know, this tournament among european clubs takes place every summer.


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