MLS Draft 2011

Kitchen signs deal to finalize 2011 Generation adidas class

Perry Kitchen (ISIPhotos.com)

Akron freshman sensation Perry Kitchen has come to terms with Major League Soccer on a Generation adidas contract to solidify the 2011 MLS GA class.

Kitchen and Akron teammate Kofi Sarkodie were the final two targets to sign deals, joining Akron's Darlingon Nagbe, Zarek Valentin and Michael Nanchoff, Indiana's Will Bruin, Maryland's Zac MacMath and Penn State's Corey Hertzog. U.S. Under-20 striker Omar Salgado is also a member of the class, having signed his Generation adidas contract months ago.

The nine members of the Generation adidas class, the same group of players we identified last week, are all projected first-rounders, and we could see as many as eight of them going in the first ten picks of next months's MLS Draft.

Kitchen and Nagbe are the highest rated of the prospects while Nanchoff, who played his way into the group with a strong showing in the NCAA College Cup, is likely to be the final Generation adidas player taken. (For those wondering, the first SBI MLS Mock Draft will post on Wednesday).

What do you think of this group? Which of these players are you hoping your team can land?

Share your thoughts below.

  • BellusLudas

    As the number of teams in the league expands either home grown players will hopefully fill the ranks and make Gen Adidas players not required, until then the number of signings should be increased.


  • b

    Yes, those of us who paid our $39.99 monthly Google subscription fee know. It’s worth the money, you should check it out. Even the free version is not bad.


  • Richard, UK

    Ho ho ho.

    I did Google it, you goons. Nothing that indicates what their D.O.B’s are anywhere that I found, that’s why I asked, you massive smartarses.


  • Chris

    Try looking for the US Youth National Teams, they usually have their age listings there. Nagbe just finished his junior season, so 20/21.


  • MadKingGeorge

    Just a couple of questions for the gang here at SBI.

    Since they already have contracts, what prevents them from tanking at the combine so they will get drafted lower, get with a better team ( a playoff team ) where they can get more exposure overseas in the short term. Then when they want to go to Europe in a few years, the teams will already know them since they have played on a good mls team.

    I dont know why these guys would try to look good at the combine. Just does not make sense. I guess I think like Jose Mourinho too much. Those red cards on purpose was a really smart move I thought. It was within the rules- just against the spirit of the rules is all.


  • fischy

    ” what prevents them from tanking at the combine so they will get drafted lower, get with a better team ( a playoff team ) where they can get more exposure overseas in the short term. ”


    I guess only one thing. If they’re looking for maximum exposure, they won’t get that by going to the better teams. They’ll get more playing time with weaker teams. Euro scouts are moro likely to notice them if they actually get playing time. Also, tanking at the Combine wouldn’t impress Euro scouts who are probably there in numbers.


  • MadKingGeorge

    I understand what you are saying. My response is that if they are really good, they would be starter on a good MLS team and get the playing time anyway. Same money , better team.

    The euro scouts at the combine- they might not be impressed but a steller season ( or two) in the MLS would more than make up for the “bad combine”.


  • Brian

    Their contracts might have something in it where they get paid more if they get drafted higher


  • Villain-from-Texas

    What’s the story regarding Perry Kitchen? People seem to rate him rather highly. Can’t say that I’ve ever seen him (or anyone else on this list) play.


  • Sgc

    Also, playing time? If you looked into the history of it, I doubt you’d find guys who were drafted by better teams going to Europe faster. Probably the other way around.


  • Elite Hunting

    Their performance at the combine is one very minor aspect of them being scouted. Every coach in the nation knows those guys can play because they do it game in and game out all season. The combine is more for players who are question marks and not about the top 10-15 guys and how they perform over a few days.


  • CSD

    Colorado and Dallas didn’t make the playoffs last year and this year they were in the final. The way the MLS is structured low draft pick teams have a good chance of immediate success.


  • United fury

    Some people watch certain teams for loyalty and others watch for style of play. Id assume he just doesn’t watch Akron much because he watches a different ACC or other big conference school. Not everyone has to watch a team for how they play(not trying to provoke argument here).


  • Shane

    Richard in UK I’m not sure about Nagbe but Nanchoff is a junior in college which means he is probably around 20 yrs old.

    Sarkodie, Nagbe, and Nanchoff are excellent players. I’m very happy they’ve been given contracts. But also bummed I wont get to watch them play for Akron anymore. I’ve heard Nagbe described as the best college player ever by some guys who’ve been around the college game for years. Nanchoff is a really smart player with all the needed skills. I hope the Crew signs him. Sarkodie I hope to see at RB for the US someday.

    As for Kitchen and Valentin I’m not so sure. Akron’s defense really started to concede goals late in the season and in the tournament.


  • Scott

    yeah I don’t watch any college soccer, not out of spite but mostly because I don’t see it offered on TV where I live outside of Philly. For some reason I thought Perry Kitchen was black. The last white Perry I knew was Superman’s boss back at the Daily Planet…


  • Villain-from-Texas

    I don’t watch college soccer. Sorry, I don’t. I don’t have the time for it. Apparently you do, so would it have hurt to have answered my question? It at least would have allowed you to demonstrate your breadth of knowledge and made clear that I am, in fact, a much worse fan than you.


  • b

    If anyone watches ANY college soccer whatsoever, they should be watching Akron. Otherwise they are watching second or third rate college soccer. Loyalty has nothing to do with it, I doubt 90% of those here who have watched Akron play are fans. Compared to the awful level of play across college soccer, they are the equivalent of Barcelona.


  • b

    The soccer tournament was on ESPN2, so it was widely available. There were also plenty of threads about it on SBI when it was happening.

    What is your question that he’s not answering? Is Perry Kitchen good? Yes, he is in fact good. That is why he is rated highly, it’s not because everyone doing so is delusional.


  • Villain-from-Texas

    OK, then, let me spell every particular question that comes to mind:

    1. What kind of defender is he? Is he more like a Vidic or a Ferdinand, a Ream or Gonzalez?

    2. What was it about his play this season that made him stand out as a freshman?

    3. What sort of impact do you think he’ll make in MLS as a rookie? Will it take a few seasons before he settles in?

    4. How far is he behind guys like Opara or Boss?

    5. What is the average age on this blog?

    6. Why are some of you children so miserable?


  • Yaznasty

    Unfortunately I can’t really compare Kitchen to those other guys, because like a lot of students at Akron, I am a relatively “new” soccer fan. I have watched him in every game this season (b/c I’m an Akron student , you shouldn’t be lambasted for not seeing a college team from an area you’re not around) and he is good. He plays as a center-back for the U-20 national squad, but for us Porter had him play defensive MF, replacing two holding MFs from the previous year who left to go to the MLS (Ben Zemanski, Blair Gavin, both for Chivas). He single handedly did this job, arguably better than those two put together. As a freshman I’d say he was one of the strongest leaders on the field, very vocal and commanding. And he has this toughness to him…I can’t think of a better way to describe him than machine-like. Additionally, while he may be a holding player, he does pose an offensive threat, having scored 6 goals this season. Here is one of them, if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9ujU9XcnFE

    Hope this was somewhat helpful to you. And I will suggest this in the least snarky way possible: If you have a chance to check out the Akron soccer team next season, you really should. Our team doesn’t rely on just playing physical, they actually control the game and possess in manner not often seen by other college teams, as some of the other posters mentioned here.


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