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MLS Generation adidas team trounces Atletico Madrid reserves

TealBunbury (ISIPhotos.com)

The MLS Generation adidas squad completed an unbeaten tour of Spain on Wednesday by beating Atletico Madrid's reserves, 4-1, on the strength of two goals from Kansas City striker Teal Bunbury.

Just a day after beating Rayo Vallecano in a rain-soaked game, the Generation adidas squad rolled to its easiest win of the trip. Bunbury scored a pair, while fellow U.S. national team newcomer Juan Agudelo also scored. FC Dallas' Andrew Wiedeman helped force an Atletico own goal to round out the scoring for the Generation adidas team.

The goals for Bunbury and Agudelo come less than a month after they both made their U.S. national team debuts in a 1-0 win against South Africa in Cape Town.

  • ga-gone

    I know these games don’t mean anything, but i’m impressed given that these guys aren’t a real team and only have two defenders on the roster. Great work, boys!


  • geoffersen

    …if you can even count Jeremy Hall as a true defender. It’s even more impressive because they weren’t sneaking up on anybody by the final game.


  • Annelid Gustator

    For US U-16s, there has always been a professional domestic league. For US U-23s, there has been a professional domestic league since they were 1st graders. The next 5 years will be the real start of our rise, both as a pro league and internationally.

    We’ve been coasting on the fact that we’re so big and healthy that even our blind squirrel of a system is bound to find a few nuts. But we’re about to experience a qualitative change that will propel us up a notch.


  • matt

    Get ready for KC and RBNY to have to beat off offers from La Liga for Teal and Juan with a stick… Sweet.


  • Spanirico

    Have to assume scouts from most if not all those teams they played were in attendance and impressed. Sean Johnson was a rock against Rayo.


  • The Sir

    The most promising thing of all for me is that 3 of the 4 goals came from the strikers.


  • Rory

    Who is Andrew Wiedeman? I’m a Rapids fan I’ve never heard of him. (Sorry if you’re reading this Andrew).


  • Matador

    Finally well at least for now, it appears that FINALLY Altidore will have some pressure. For a while was (or still is) the best option we have as a forward but he has not scored or performed with consistency. I HOPE Bunbury and Agudelo will continue to develop and maintain consistency. But I also HOPE …. I REALLY HOPE that neither of them will PULL A SPECTOR and become midfielders, we have too many and we desperately need strikers.


  • Mark

    Ah never mind, looks like they’re wearing a generic navy blue Adidas kit with the generation Adidas logo on the front.


  • DC Josh

    Very impressive. Juan Agudelo has had a dream month. Starting in the MLS playoffs, scoring for the United States senior team, and now scoring against Spanish reserve sides. Does he make the Gold Cup squad next summer, or will he compete with the U-20’s in the world cup?


  • Rory's MLS E-book

    Todays re-entry draft day, right? Ives, will you be live blogging?

    (yes, I’m actually interested in the re-entry draft as it will tell us exactly what horrible teams are even interested in trying to get better)


  • Josh D

    Wish these guys played on the same team and developed together… Still to play teams that have played together while these guys are still learning each other is very good.

    This does mean something, MLS is trying to make a statement by competing with a few of the best teams in Span… Only problem is our MLS All-Star Gen ADIDAS team would get the reverse if they had to play La Liga’s All-Star youth team : )

    Impressed with our new boys, hope they continue to progress!


  • Goalscorer24

    Well there confidence is up, that call up to the national team I think helps. More of our young players should have that experience.


  • gerald

    I think Juan goes to Colombia with the U-20’s unless he gets off to a fast start in MLS 2011


  • MensreaJim

    No shame in that: Brand new development, plenty of big names potentially involved, clear indications of who’s trying to win now and who’s not (like you said) …

    Lots of reasons to be interested.


  • Dudeinho

    the Acadamies are finally starting to get into gear the future is exciting. the tipping point will come soon


  • otergod

    he’ll go to U20’s regardless, unless he’s actually seeing PT with the Seniors. Teams are required to release their players. IF U20’s call him, the club cant reject it.


  • SwerveZ

    Bunbury is a beast, no doubt about it. I think we’re seeing some glimpses of our future right now. These guys are players and they’re gonna help us.


  • Second City

    More competition for Altidore is a great thing.

    I agree he’s young and still full of potential but he has the body language at times of being far too comfortable that is position is locked.

    Perhaps 100 % effort/energy the entire time he’s on the pitch now, could come about as a result, rather than spurts and moments that shows flashes of his massive potential.


  • Neruda

    Let’s not forget that the college system is starting to produce also. Bunbury from Akron and they’re just pumping out talented players. If the college system keeps developing enough mls caliber players more top flight, MNT players will result.


  • JW

    Americans, none the less. I’d like to know who assisted those goals, as well. Here’s hoping that one of the strikers also had an assist (something else lacking in our current striker pool).


  • sushant

    In case you are interested, here are the highlights and the squad (can you believe they had as many defenders as goalkeepers?):

    4-1 v Atletico Madrid reserves

    1-0 v Rayo Vallecano reserves

    2-1 v Read Madrid reserves


    Goalkeepers (2): Stefan Frei (Toronto), Sean Johnson (Chicago)

    Defenders (2): Jeremy Hall (Portland), Ike Opara (San Jose)

    Midfielders (8): Corben Bone (Chicago), Danny Cruz (Houston), Dilly Duka (Columbus), Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Baggio Husidic (Chicago), Amobi Okugo (Philadelphia), Brek Shea (Dallas), Tony Tchani (New York)

    Forwards (7): Juan Agudelo (New York), Tristan Bowen (Los Angeles), Teal Bunbury (Sporting Kansas City), Peri Marosevic (Dallas), Jack McInerney (Philadelphia), Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia), Andrew Wiedeman (Dallas)

    Head Coach: Schellas Hyndman (Dallas)
    Assistant / Goalkeeper Coach: Drew Keeshan (Dallas)
    Head Athletic Trainer: Joshua Watts (Dallas)
    Equipment Manager: Marcus Owens (FC Dallas)


  • tnnelson

    yea, they weren’t born here, but they sound American, act American, live in America for most of their lives, and they honed their footy skills in America, not their birth nations, so we deserve the final product


  • Lost in Space

    DC Josh – I think it really depends on CD9. If Charlie gets back to 1st team action in France and shows well then I think Juan will be left with the U-20’s. If Charlie isn’t back playing 1st team ball and getting significant minutes I could see Juan making the Gold Cup as a speed option to be used late in games. However lets see how he performs during Camp Cup Cake and the Chile Friendly before we get too carried away.


  • Louis Z

    I agree with you. I can already see our kids playing better each year. I just hope that BB don’t mess it up by playing favorites again. let the chips fall where it may.


  • Louis Z

    the motivation factor, I hope you are right but that factor hasn’t been much help for him at the club level. Some players have it, others don’t, the clock is ticking.


  • GW

    Villareal are one of the best clubs in Europe.

    Rossi and Nilmar are a very highly regarded strike pair.

    Jozy is apparently either striker # 3,4 or 5 behind them. That speaks very highly of his talent. If he was a “lazy” as most people on this site seem to think he is I very much doubt the staff at Villareal would tolerate it. And they are in a better position to know than any of us(Sort of like that Moenchengladbach manager who keeps fielding Bradley. And he’s not even a blood relative).

    Experienced as they are, they know that injury or suspension or a drop in form can strike anytime and in short order, Jozy could be #1.

    I get a little tired of everyone acting as if Jozy was some useless punk off the street.


  • GW

    “FINALLY Altidore will have some pressure.”

    Given that Jozy is literate and very probably not a moron, I would have thought all the flack he is getting from the media and the fans is plenty of pressure. I would have thought playing in the World Cup is plenty of pressure. But, oh well….

    As for Teal and Juan not “pulling a Spector”

    the US ( and most national teams) is/are in no position to be unhappy about any of it’s players playing well, regardless of position. A year before the 2010 World Cup everyone thought we had too many center backs. By the time it started we had to rely on a half fit Gooch and a just recently recovered Demerit.

    Other than ironmen Michael Bradley and Donovan,just about every serious US midfield candidate has had a worrisome injury history. If everyone is in great form and good health the week before the World Cup then I’ll think we have too many.


  • Brian

    It’s looking unlikely but he’s still got the 2nd half of the season to get into the first team


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