SBI Reader Roll Call (2010 Edition)

SBI Reader Roll Call (2010 Edition)


SBI Reader Roll Call (2010 Edition)


It is that time again. Time for all you SBI readers to take part in our annual SBI Reader Roll Call, a reader survey we use to help identify our demographics for advertisers and to see what areas of the sport we should be trying to cover more.

Thanks to you, the SBI readers, our third year in business has been another success, with more than 16 million pageviews and readers checking in from all over the world and in every corner of the United States. We're excited to try and take things to an even higher level in 2011.

Now is your chance to let us know who you are, where you are from, and who you support. Here is a sample of what we would like you to submit your roll call information in the comments section:

Name (full name not necessary)–male/female–age–city/state/country(if not USA) you currently live in–clubs/national teams you watch (limit to five total)–when you started reading SBI

Also, please include your email address under the email section of the comment. Rest assured that email addresses placed there cannot be seen by the public and WILL NOT be given out to third parties for marketing purposes (As all the readers who submitted their emails in previous roll calls can attest). We are collecting an email list in order to eventually send out correspondences relating to SBI. If you still don't feel comfortable submitting your email on the website, you can send your roll call submission to

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