Watch the World Cup bid presentations

Watch the World Cup bid presentations


Watch the World Cup bid presentations

The bid representatives for all the nations bidding for either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup are presenting their bids today and if you regret not being able to be in Zurich for it all, you can see it as if you were there.

FIFA is providing a live streaming video of the bids. You can watch them here. The U.S.A. bid presentation is at 11am ET.

While you take in the presentations, here is my question for SBI readers. Where will you be watching the World Cup bid announcements on Thursday morning? Watching it at a watch party, or will you be watching at home (on Fox Soccer Channel at 10am, or any of the other various stations showing it).

Let us know where you will be watching what could be one of the most historic moments in American soccer in the comments section below.

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