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Beckham loan to Tottenham off, will train with Spurs till February

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David Beckham's potential loan to Tottenham looks like it will not take place after all.

The loan has fallen through, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp stated to the media on Sunday. Tottenham was seeking a two month loan for the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder, but will have  Beckham training with the club until February 10th when he will return for the early stages of preseason with the Galaxy.

Redknapp stated that insurance may have been a reason for Tottenham passing on Beckham after the 35-year-old midfielder was injured in his last stint with AC Milan last year. The injury ended Beckham's dreams of appearing for England in the World Cup and forced him out of the majority of the Galaxy's 2010 season.

The Galaxy begin their MLS season on March 15th against the Seattle Sounders at Qwest Field.

Hope that the Beckham loan saga is finally over? Glad that he will be able to start the season with the Galaxy? Will the Tottenham training stint help him for March?

  • Charles

    Unlike Landon coming back to MLS, I don’t see this as a win for MLS.

    I think he is hanging on so he can have his rights to buy a franchise too cheap. He adds very little ( although the little he adds…great crosses…are aweseome ) to a Galaxy team that wins more without him.

    The Beckham Experiment will go down as a failure. But who knew back then the league would move past needing him ?


  • fischy

    As I wrote in earlier thread, I think the Galaxy are over-emphasizing the need to have him to start the season, much less the need to have him in camp. As you wrote, he’s not a difference-maker on the field. He makes the team better, but he won’t win many games based on his play alone.

    His greatest worth to the team and the league is if he maintains his image as a top-flight player – an international star, rather than just a faded foreigner playing out the string in MLS. He might put a few extra fannies in the seats in March or April, but really not that many. On the other hand, if he spends some time playing in the EPL, MLS gets their big famous star back — the hype would be back.

    As for play ont te field — the team will make the playoffs regardless. Having Becks in training camp now isn’t going to be the difference-maker in putting the Galaxy over the top in November.


  • Glaing

    However if he was hurt, than there was nothing gained for the MLS. It sounds like that was the issue in the end, compensations for any injury incurred.


  • BSU SC

    How can you say that he wouldn’t be a difference maker in MLS, but would be a big famous star going back to play in the premier league?


  • maka

    the beckham experiment has not failed.

    Joel Lindpere had never even heard of MLS before the Beckham signing. Whether we choose to admit it or not, Beckham raised the league’s profile internationally.


  • vasco

    ii don’t want him back in our league. he isn’t good enough.

    Please figure something out to keep him in england


  • Warren

    Because…average quality of Beckham’s MLS teammates is so low.

    Look at the reality:

    #1 LA star Beckham could play for EPL/Champs League Tottenham
    #2 LA star Donovan could play for EPL mid-table team Everton
    #3 LA star Buddle has a gig with 2nd Bundesliga #17/relegation threatened Ingolstadt

    and quality goes down from there.

    Beckham’s play still fits in as a bit part of a top team; at 35 and given his style of play he can’t make all of LA a (Much) better team. And yeah maybe team as whole plays better without him, since folks are at same level.


  • Charles

    I disagree.

    Euroheros would have been coming over here regardless of whether Beckham did it first or not.

    Even if I am wrong…Why would we care if the league’s profile is raised internationally ?

    I want it raised in Kansas City and Columbus.


  • Slyboy

    So much wrong with this statement, if you think Tottenham actually would use beckham for his skillset then you really have not been paying attention. He is a Star, thats why teams want him now.


  • SP

    yes, because clearly a team in the champions league would only sign him so that they can have a “star”

    they clearly just want more attention even though they are playing in the world’s greatest club competition, have plenty of stars already, and sell out all their matches.


  • WhiteHart

    In fact it is his skillset, more precisely his final ball that Redknapp wants.

    Not necessarily to be starting matches, but really just to help some of the younger players develop theirs.

    So to say that they want him simply as a “star” is not really the truth, they want him because they feel he can add something to the training ground.

    In fact, I doubt many Spurs fans would be clamoring to buy a Beckham jersey.. I know for a fact a Modric or VdV jersey would be 10X higher on my wish list than a Beckham one..


  • Kosh

    Wow!! That’s the best scientific assessment I have ever seen on the internets. You, Warren, MUST receive a grant for your detailed studies and insight into the measure of quality of players. I understand that your most tedious and empirical qualitative measurements and analysis have taken into consideration certain unknowns like bias, the misconception of the value of the American player and…this is my favorite one, the Lord Goldenballs “cash cow effect”. I am sure you would love to speak about your detailed studies of the “Stu Holden success anomaly theorem” but alas this poor little blog cannot pay the seven figure engagement fee. Man, have we lost out or what?


  • Louis Z

    Maybe you need to define what you mean by “star”, is he famous? yes, is he a difference maker? probably not. is he going to sell tickets wherever he goes? most likely.

    I think the MSL style of play didn’t accent his playmaking abilities. Will Galaxy suffer if he is not in the lineup? that would be a resounding NO. just my 2 cents.


  • Knowles

    This whole process is totally ridiculous. David Beckham has been classless, Harry Redknapp has been classless, and the Galaxy have come across as pushovers.

    The whole reasoning behind the 2-year Becks to Milan charade was that he had to get fit to make the World Cup. Then he snaps his achilles, misses the WC and most of the Galaxy’s season. So, it’s time to fulfill his obligation to the Galaxy that he ignored over the past two seasons, right?

    No. The new goal is to make the Euro 2012 roster. Does anyone really think Becks will stop publicly pining for England? Becks will continue this as long as he has a club that enables his wanderlust.

    And Redknapp, well, he just seems totally dismissive of the idea of a contract. The only way this stuff ends is if LAG puts their foot down. And it seems like a simple decision, something they could easily do. MLS can use Becks, but it no longer needs him. Show some backbone.


  • Jeff Awesome

    I actually think Beckham played very well last year after he game back from injury. Galaxy surely want him for the entire season, especially after losing Buddle.


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