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How will Angel do with the Galaxy?

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When Juan Pablo Angel completed his move to the Los Angeles Galaxy there was plenty of talk about how well he could do in the Galaxy offense, while some in New York questioned whether he had much left in the tank. One thing is clear. How well the Galaxy does in 2011 will be directly tied to how well the Colombian striker does.

So which Angel will show up at the Home Depot Center? Will it be the forward who compiled 58 goals over the past four years, or the forward who slumped through his final half season with the Red Bulls? Will he hold up physically and thrive alongside David Beckham and Landon Donovan, or will his knees and back give him trouble and force him to miss games?

How well do you think Angel will do? Cast your vote on how you think he will do after the jump:

How do I see Angel doing? I think he can finish in the 12-14 goals range, with a 15+ goal season not out of the question if he can stay healthy. The Los Angeles midfield is well suited to play to his strengths and he will be out to prove he's not washed up.

How did you vote? How do you see Angel doing in 2011?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Dannyc58

    Why is it one or the other? He’s not washed up, but definitely has lost a step. I’m in for 6-9 goals, if completely healthy.


  • Colin

    I think it’s really hard to assess JPA based on last year’s performance, particularly the second-half of the season. Luckily for him, he’s going to be playing a full season on a grass field which should help his back.

    Basically, if he scores more than 10 goals this year, it’ll be a success. I think he should be able to get that.


  • MadKingGeorge

    If JPA has a CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER, which I think he will for the way the RBNY handled him last year, he will have a real good year in 2011.

    In 2012, he will be extra weight.


  • patrick

    with the service he should get from the wings, and juninho in the middle i think he SHOULD get at least 10. With donovan and beckham for a full season he should have a great year


  • john.q

    love the man while he was at rbny but i think those old bones won’t take him to the same heights he reached 2-3 years ago. i’d say 9. also, he won’t be first choice for penalty kicks or free kicks.


  • david

    only if they got buddle to stay and didnt trade away bowen… along with JPA they’d be pretty unstoppable


  • Cpt. Duh

    I believe Angel, if healthy, will score around 15 goals this season. People forget that he scored 11 goals in 15 games last season and his production halted around the time that Henry came into the picture. When you are not getting most of the service and your team doesn’t care as much for you, it will affect your output. The MLS season is short compared to the European leagues so his age becomes less of a factor with the amount of rest he gets every off-season. The Red Bulls will regret this decision, and he will be a stud for the Galaxy.


  • Adam

    I’m betting on 11 goals. With Beckham here for a full season (when was the last time THAT happened) and Donovan not getting called up for the WC, we’ll be at full strength all season. JPA is going to have a lot of service. He’ll do great.


  • Jim from NC

    I think his goal total will have a lot to do in how Arena uses or overuses him. Arena’s track record last year really wore down Buddle and he is younger than JPA. If Arean rides Angel too much he will break down during the season.


  • yankiboy

    I think he might get 14 goals (in all competitions).

    I don’t think that he contribute but I think that this is another Arena “he brings the intangibles” (ie, “experience” and “professionalism”) move.


  • Brookdalepark

    While Angel’s output dropped in the second half of last year, he did stay healthy enough to be out on the field. Only Tim Ream logged more games and minutes for the Red Bulls. If the problem was simply a matter of psyche — dropping so quickly from being “the man” to being No. 3 can’t be pleasant — he may flourish in a place with good weather and grass and where he enters the team as no more than No. 3. But he is 35, so his tank may truly be nearing empty. I genuinely admire the guy, and I hope he scores against everyone but the Red Bulls.


  • ian

    I’ve got a good feeling about 2011. JPA, Donovan and Beckham should be an unstoppable force, and JPA should net 12-14 goals so long as all three dudes stay healthy.

    2012 and beyond will be a different story.


  • Jeff

    6-9 Goals. Donovan will probably be taking PKs which will greatly lessen his scoring output. I hope he can stay healthy, but doesn’t have any point output on First Kick.


  • yankiboy

    “Unstoppable force”?


    Kinda sounds like a lot of people talking ’bout Bron Bron, D. Wade and Bosch down in the MIA.

    You do have a really good feeling about them, huh?

    Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any triad in the MLS that would inspire me to have that much confidence in being able to put a team over the top offensively like you believe those three playing together will.

    You might be right.

    If you are, it is going to be great hating on them and watching them play.


  • Chan

    Good point. Several of JPA’s goals last year were free kicks and PKs. The Galaxy have those duties pretty well covered… I wish him the best, but I think he will be in the 6-9 goal range.


  • Jonathan

    Anyone who chose anything more than 6-9 is a homer… No way, a 35year old dude who’s lost his step and playin in a new environment is going to be anything more than servicable.


  • jb

    I think it will depend on how well his playing time is managed. He’s one of the best strikers to play in MLS and still has much to offer, but surely doesnt have the legs to carry the team’s scoring load for an entire season. If Arena tries to start and leave him in all 90 min in every game, he will be injured or worn out by midseason, and the team will suffer. The galaxy will surely need some other options at forward to step up at times for them to be successful.


  • MC Find

    Golden Boot…This man has something to prove and finally proper service.

    You thought Buddle was good on the Galaxy? Watch this guy…


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Question: Does JPA have to score 17 like Buddle to be considered a success? Why or why not?


  • Chris

    Don’t you dare put Denny’s and Dane Richards in the same category. Denny’s food is much better.


  • ian

    Maybe “unstoppable force” was a little too hyperbolic, but I am confident about this season.


  • JoeW

    I actually think Angel will score between 10-15 goals. And end up being considered a bust. Here’s my scenario: LAG have a lot of games and multiple competitions. Unless Arena only chooses to play him about 20-22 regular season games, I think by the time the playoffs roll around, he’s going to be hurt and worn out and performing at a low level.


  • bizzy

    better service from better players (including the master of assists LD)…more ball control and skill than Bubble…..better QUALITY FINISHER than bubble….98 shots on goal last season without quality service….. is the MLS leader in goals between 2007-09….58 goals over 4 years….wow, MLS is in for something special and other teams will be lucky if he only scores 12-14 for the season!!


  • Timpani

    I think it’s safe to say that he’s lost a step. However, balancing that with potentially better service, particularly in the air from Beckham, I would conservatively say he’s capable of a 40-goal season and probably shouldn’t score fewer than 35, assuming he only misses a dozen or so games due to venereal diseases.

    I’d say this signing, like my comment, is a bit of a stretch.


  • K-Town

    Everyone is basing their opinions compared to goal scoring numbers from the last few years. Don’t rule out the fact that there are 34 games this year, up from 30.


  • Illegal Alien

    Something seriously needs to change in MLS if 10-14 goals is a “very good season.”


  • Nick in LA

    10-14 goals in the EPL or La Liga is ‘a very good season’. Only the top strikers in the world are scoring 20+.

    Besides, it will be nice to have someone up front who can actually do something with a pass from Beckham unlike Buddle, who would missplay the ball and screw up everything.


  • JayMah

    A very good year strictly because of service. Who plays up top with him will be a key factor. Alone, he’ll score less. If Barrett gets attention from defenders, he’ll score.

    Even at this stage in his career, JPA is still a handful for defenders for his shear strength in the box. Unfortunately, he got most of the attention last year since Backe played him as the lone pure striker in the Red Bull attack in an almost 4-3-2-1 formation. If Arena plays his cards right, JPA will flourish with service coming from all directions. Keep in mind that he still had enough aerial strength to score going away from the goal.


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