MLS- Vancouver Whitecaps

MLS Draft Team Recap: Vancouver Whitecaps


The Vancouver Whitecaps kicked off the 2011 MLS SuperDraft in surprising fashion, selecting United States Under-20 forward Omar Salgado with the first overall selection. After the Whitecaps stole the early headlines, they continued to stockpile talent, taking Akron's Generation adidas midfielder Michael Nanchoff with their second first-round pick (No. 8 overall).

In the later rounds the Whitecaps took a pair of players out of Notre Dame, selecting midfielder Jeb Brovsky with the first pick of the second round (No. 19 overall) and fullback Bilal Duckett with the first pick of the third round (No. 37).

SBI's Mike Nastri was able to catch up with Salgado after he put on his Whitecaps scarf for the first time. Our video interview is after the jump:

SBI Superdraft Coverage: Omar Salgado from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

  • Richard, UK

    Surprise pick with Salgado, but he seems like a good kid and we know he’s got plenty of potential. I hope it work out for Vancouver and Omar!


  • jim in Atlanta

    Good to see that he actually has a brain, because that first interview he did with Ives made him look like a complete dunce.


  • Thospratt

    I’m not sure I understand why this pick is everywhere being described as a surprise. If Salgado spent a full week with the team this past summer and it was known they liked him, why wouldn’t they pick him?


  • jonk

    I think it was surprising because it was thought that he might still be around when Vancouver had their next pick at #8. Or they could have traded down from the #1 pick to say #3 or #4 and gotten both Omar and something like allocation money or another pick.


  • GW

    Omar is 17 years old and, soccer being what it is in this country,probably not had a lot of media training or experience, like your average ESPN college football superstar.

    What exactly did you expect, Peyton Manning selling 3D products? How do you suppose you would have in similar circumstances at 17?


  • jonk

    The previous interview was also right after a training session or game and he looked gassed.


  • R.Benjamin

    Since the rule is he can’t play outside his country and he’s chosen USA.. That he could play in away games?


  • Chuck

    This kid wasn’t going to be around at #8…Lalas and Twellman are such clowns. Best talent in the draft.


  • Wispy

    FIFA rule is he cannot transfer to a team outside his home country until September when he turns 18. So until then, he can be loaned to a USL or other MLS team for the upcoming season and go back to Vancouver.


  • Waterlewd

    I wonder if MLS can ask for an exception or modification to the rule. It would make sense to allow a USA player to play for his home league. He shouldn’t be punished because Canada and USA share a soccer league. If this FIFA rule is going to prevent a USA player from playing in MLS, then it has completely failed. The rule was supposed to prevent teams from swiping academy players in European leagues before they can legally sign a contract as an adult. And as we know, MLS is completely different in developing and identifying young talent. But above all, Omar Salgado is a USA player and should be allowed to play in the US league.


  • kevin

    I actually thought Twellman was pretty decent. I’d also bet my life those two have a hell of a lot more inside information, let alone all-around football knowledge, than you do.


  • Justin Bieber

    Twellman looked like he’d be better announcing for a high school team….Lalas’ commentary is always juvenile. Great players dont always make good TV personalities…


  • JR

    Its a FIFA rule which is contradictory to Canadian law. Sorry, FIFA loses this one. They do not take precedence over Canadian sovereigny. Canadian law allows Salgado to work there, FIFA can go jump in a lake.


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