MLS Supplemental Draft set for today

MLS Supplemental Draft set for today

MLS Draft 2011

MLS Supplemental Draft set for today

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If the 2011 MLS Draft wasn't enough of an event for you to get your off-season fix, then today's MLS Supplemental Draft should offer an appetizer for those who love seeing their teams add new faces.

There is some talent left that went undrafted last week, particularly non-American college players who teams passed on because they would take up international player slots. MLS teams are more likely to take a chance on those undrafted foreign players today, which should give the Supplemental Draft a foreign feel.

Here are some top players still available to be drafted today:

Jeff Attinella, GK, South Florida

Daniel Keat, M, Dartmouth

J.C. Banks, M, Wisconsin-Green Bay

Greg King, D, UConn

Michael Boxall, D, UCSB

Ernesto Carranza, M, Sacramento State

Steven Beattie, M, Northern Kentucky

Dustin McCarty, M, North Carlina

Curtis Ushedo, D, UAB

Sverre Wegge-Gundhus, D, St. John's


We will post the Supplemental Draft results as soon as they become available.

Who would you like to see your team draft? Think there's any talent left on the board?

Share your thoughts below.

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