SBI Stoppage Time

SBI Stoppage Time: 2011 MLS Draft Wrap

SBI Stoppage Time: MLS Superdraft Wrap from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

  • MadKingGeorge

    Buy a light Ives. Show us your great smile. And you just want to make Avi full time so he wont have to go slumming with Sports Illustrated. You have a reputation to keep up after all.


  • JohnC

    Congrats SBI Team, you guys rocked the whole Draft experience from pre-combine buildup, combine analysis to the actual draft, I also really enjoyed the U20 stuff. The draft was made completely more enjoyable with the two live chats going on. Keep up the great work and I love that I never have to hear any of you guys arguing in any of those videos ala PTI or that other crap on Esp.

    Taylor Twellman was great as well.


  • Annelid Gustator

    Totally agreed–it was super informative and I enjoyed the added U-20 coverage.


  • QuakerOtis

    Great coverage guys. Ives, your Fox Soccer stuff is always good, but I really appreciate your full site.

    Still can’t understand trading a 15th pick for Lenhart while letting Ampai slip to 33rd. Lenhart isn’t horrible, can step in to contribute maybe 4-7 goals and give a solid work rate, but… Hopefully Anthony A improves our distribution. GO QUAKES!


  • Dr. Jimmy

    Saw on SBI twitter that Cal goalie David Bingham could soon be signed as a GA and headed into a lottery. He seems like a perfect fit for San Jose as an understudy to Busch – a few other teams looking for a #3 goalie could enter the lottery but teams that are set with 3 goalies may not even enter this lottery in case that other more appealing lotteries will soon occur (i.e. Cody Arnoux?) and winning the Bingham lottery would knock them out of futures ones this year.


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