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Agbossoumonde and Djurgardens finalize six-month loan


Photo by John Dorton/ISIphotos.com

Gale Agbossoumonde has finally found a new home.

Agbossoumonde and Swedish club Djurgardens IF agreed to a six month loan on Wednesday, ending a whirlwhind 12 months for the United States U-20 national team defender.

If earlier reports still hold true, Agbossoumonde could be bought outright from Traffic USA/Miami FC for a fixed price at the end of the loan in August.

Currently with the club for its preseason preparations, Agbossoumonde could make his official debut with Djurgardens when it kicks off the season on April 4, although that would conflict with the timing of the CONCACAF championship.

What do you think of this development? Should Agbossoumonde be with Djurgardens on April 4 or the U.S. U-20 national team?

Share your thoughts below.

  • JohnC

    Has to be with the U20s! it is great he has signed on with a team, but the Swedish First Division, would have hoped for more, like entering into your second season with an MLS squad.


  • dman

    I think it’s a good thing, but he really really needs to get out of this traffic sports group. It’s going to cost him a career.


  • OmarVizquel

    “Agbossoumonde could be bought outright from Traffic USA/Miami FC for a fixed price at the end of the loan in August.”

    From what I’ve read about Traffic, if it’s anything less than an outrageously exorbitant amount, I’d be shocked.


  • Annelid Gustator

    He should stay with his club, and pray to god he plays the frickin’ lights out so he can escape from Traffic. Frankly, unless he gets called by the full NT, he should stay away. He won’t *have* a career if he doesn’t get club play.


  • ChrisTheLSUTiger

    I would think Gale since he’s already gotten a cap and is more of a natural CB than Perry.


  • jb

    Great news! While to ME the US national team is more important, for HIM right now the most important thing is to ingratiate himself to the club that seems willing to restart his career and perhaps rid him of Traffic once and for all. He should not play in the U20 game without the consent and full support of Djurgardens.


  • Omar Little

    Yes, the National Team is most important, but not the U-20 National Team. He needs to establish himself as a porfessional, first and foremost at this point.


  • Rob

    Not to seem unpatriotic, but the National team isn’t paying his living wages. Our own selfishness puts the USMNT ahead of Club. Let the kid get established, earn his wages, and when he is comfortable enough he will play for country. Good luck Agbossoumonde.


  • Thorpinski

    Not even close Gale. The sweedish coach referred to him as a monster on the backline and once he gets his match fitnes he will dominate. imho he the best US player under 20.


  • David

    Hey . . . do you guys have any links to read about traffic sports group? what is there story? it seems like people do not like them here, and i have yet to read anything ‘positive’ about them, they get either dismissed or bashed whenever they come up


  • Edwin in Los Angeles

    I think he should get the teams blessing first, if anything how about a deal where he meets the team halfway? If he were to stay till the semifinals or even the final, he’d miss 2 games. The weekend prior to the Sweedish season is a FIFA date anyway and so is the Wednesday before, and most likely the US will play a crucial qualifying quarter final match April 5th or 4th probably? That would mean he misses the season opener, but then comes back after the US reaches the semifinals? That way they are assured qualification for the U20 World Cup, and Gale only misses the 1 game even though it is the opener?

    I realize we do have to face Mexico in this youth CONCACAF tournament if they both make it to the final, but I think this team is so super deep it should be able to handle Gale’s absence.

    What do you guys think


  • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo

    Normally I’d agree with you. But, this is a special case. ‘Bos’ needs games and he has to escape his mercenary role with Traffic Sports.
    It might be wise for Djurgardens to encourage him to play for the USU20’s, as with the option to buy him, they might be able to parlay a U20 WC appearance into funds for themselves, but…first things first….games.


  • Brian

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Djurgardens IF kinda like Hamburger SV in the sense that you wouldn’t says just “Djurgardens”, like you wouldn’t say “Hamburger”.


  • asoccerroo

    Edwin, I think what you are mentioning might work best if it could be done but I think it is more likely one or the other. In that case I would go with establishing himself for the club. Then missing time later in the season for the u-20 World Cup.


  • ChrisTheLSUTiger

    What about Agudelo? I agree that Gale is one of the best in the pool but I think we need to see him play more (and in a competitive league) before we can really call him the best U-20. Just my 2 cents though.


  • Spectra

    From the comments in this article it sounds like most offers were rejected by Gale not Traffic. And if Ream is getting 40,000 a year maybe traffic has done him good financially at least. If he plays now, at under 20 he is in a great position


  • Yamm

    In swedish grammar you write with a “S” at the end of teams name only when you’re including the type of club they are like IF/BK/FF (athletic club/ball club/football club). You can say either “DjurgÃ¥rden” or “DjurgÃ¥rdens IF”, never only “DjurgÃ¥rdens”. The same thing goes for other swedish teams like “Helsingborgs IF”, “Halmstads BK”, “Trelleborgs FF” etc. 🙂


  • Aaron in StL

    That’s a little short-sighted though. One could argue, “Well it’s only the U-20’s, not the full NT.”

    I think for longterm purposes staying with his club is vital. Going to the U-20 competition will likely make it an even further up hill battle to get minutes. U-20s already know what they have with him and won’t be replacing him anytime soon.


  • Kejsare

    Yes, the club name/place/city becomes possessive of the of the IF [which stands for Idrotts Förbund = Sports club]. Hence, the s is added [the Swedish possessive marker] to club names, but never alone. It reads more like Sports club of DjurgÃ¥rden or DjurgÃ¥rden’s Sports Club. English uses the ‘s for possessive markers, Swedish just an s.

    DjurgÃ¥rden, literally translated means The Animal Farm. 🙂

    And SKÃ…L Abo!


  • Riley

    Just read the article, real sad to hear as a US soccer fan, however you gotta put alot of the blame on Gale’s shoulders. Doesn’t sound very humble or intelligent saying “Come on, are you really serious?” to a contract worth over $100,000 when Agudelo and Ream don’t make anything close to that. Furthermore if he or his agent had researched generation adidas in the slightest bit before hand they would have known it was going to be “low six figures.” But c’mone “Boss,” you really can’t be satisfied with ONLY making over 100k for a few years before jetting off to europe to fetch a multi-million dollar contract?? What a joke!

    And then above all the article makes it look like Gale’s still with the same agent even after everything! The guy helped sign Gale’s life away to ensure that he’d make a pretty penny on commission! Why else would he let his client sign with somebody that is doing essentially HIS job!?

    I think that “Boss” needs to start taking more responsibilty for the situation he’s in and hold himself accountable for his own future! I hope he has matured and learned a lesson in humility through all this. Europeans love american players like McBride, Holden, Boconegra and Donovan because they are humble hard workers who care more about the higher level of competition that Europe offers than the fat paycheck they’ll pick up.


  • DIF

    I know exactly how much Gale makes from Traffic sports and how much Gale was offered from MLS and it was not over 100,000 in fact it was much less the article was wrong.


  • GW

    The real question is how much of a choice does Gale have in the matter?

    I’m not so sure about the regulations governing player releases for Under 20 tournaments.

    The other question is does the US really need him? Rongen has spoken about how loaded the team is. Gale staying put might make his life a little simpler and allow him to evaluate a lesser known talent. Gale is hardly an unknown quantity. The USSF in general is known to be sympathetic when it comes to guys trying to make a new team.

    Gale staying back might be the classic win-win.


  • Riley

    Hmm well that is really surprising considering Dilly Duka signed with GA for $213,000 from what I read. How could MLS value Duka that much more than Agbossoumonde, a guy who had already recieved offers in spain? Isn’t that the exact kind of situation that they have GA for? If you are right, that’s crazy and Agbossoumonde had a right to turn them down.


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