Should Torres celebrate if he scores vs. Liverpool?

Should Torres celebrate if he scores vs. Liverpool?


Should Torres celebrate if he scores vs. Liverpool?

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With Chelsea taking on Liverpool this weekend, just days after Fernando Torres left behind the Reds to join the Blues (for a lot of green), there is a big buzz over whether Torres should or shouldn't celebrate if he scores a goal against his former club.

To some, choosing not to celebrate against a former club is seen as a classy gesture, but with Torres being vilified by Liverpool fans, it's tough to imagine that it will matter much to them whether the Spanish striker goes crazy or stays calm if he finds the net this weekend.

What do you think he should do? Cast your vote here:

 What do I think he should do? He should just go ahead and celebrate. The gesture of not celebrating has almost always been made by players who left their clubs on good terms. Given the fact that Torres asked to leave Liverpool, a gesture like not celebrating would probably be seen as hollow and fake. If the match were at Anfield, I would probably suggest he tone things down, but with the match being played at Stamford Bridge, Torres could easily enjoy a celebration in front of his new fans.

How did you vote? What do you think Torres should do? think Liverpool will shut him down, making it a moot point?

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