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Behind the Scenes of Ochocinco's trial

  OchoCincoKC (GettyImages)

There has been plenty said, and written, about Chad Ochocinco's trial with Sporting Kansas City, but this behind-the-scenes video of his stint in Kansas City offers some pretty good insight into the trial and the NFL star's positive approach and respectful attitude toward the trial.

Count me among those very impressed by his attitude and respect for the game. Seeing him look as happy as a schoolboy at the news of getting to play in a reserve game was priceless.

What did you think of the video? 

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  • Phil

    the level of “b*tch” -ness on this site never ceases to amaze me. Some of you act like a bunch of irritable old men fighting over the last tube of hemarrhoid ointment or something…


  • Erik

    Pretty cool. He might be a savvier marketer than anyone running MLS, and I sure he pitched it to them this way: Sporting gets to use him for publicity (this is certainly the only time they were on Sportscenter or on the front page of si.com or espn.com) and he is using them to get a soccer fantasy camp. win-win. hope they keep him on the practice squad while NFL is locked out.


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