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Cascadia Summit: Seattle vs. Portland (Your Running Commentary)



It might just be a pre-season game, but any time soccer teams from the Pacific Northwest meet, the match has special meaning.

The Seattle Sounders take on the Portland Timbers tonight in the first game of the Cascadia Summit, a round-robin tournament featuring the Sounders, Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps. All three games this weekend are being played in Seattle.

Tonight's match is being streamed live on the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders team websites. If you will be watching (or attending) tonight's pre-season match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

  • TheeContender

    +1. I liked the Friberg substitution, and would have liked to see him start.


  • Brevity

    You should forgive any fans from Seattle for their petulance. It isn’t easy living in a city that can never bring him a championship.


  • Charles

    2 USOC Championships, 4 USL Championships and 1 NASL Conference Championship?


  • Charles


    Thats funny, I am reading the same comment I had, with my name on it.


  • nam

    Same old Sounders who can’t finish to save their lives. I’m gonna enjoy watching them not score any goals in the playoffs.


  • SoundersRiot

    Should’ve just shown up. People were selling tix for $20-$30. If you don’t have tix for Sunday I’d do that.


  • Kejsare

    John Strong is the best soccer announcer for Portland. And, he’s American! He has single handedly given Timbers a huge radio presence in the area.


  • Boise

    The outsides are constrained and they cant maneuver like they normally would. i think its part of the reason for the long ball


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