MLS- Vancouver Whitecaps

Cascadia Summit: Seattle vs. Vancouver (Your Running Commentary)


The Seattle Sounders take on the Vancouver Whitecaps in the closing match of the Cascadia Summit tonight at 6pm.

The Whitecaps can finish in first-place with a big win tonight against a Sounders side that lost its opening match on Friday, 2-0, against the Portland Timbers.

Tonight's match is being shown live on the Sounders and Whitecaps team websites. If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

  • Brit

    A lot of people have sounded pessimistic about the Whitecaps, but I don’t think they’re looking THAT bad… This is all I’ve seen of them. Are they playing massively better than before?


  • K-Town

    This makes me sooooo happy after all the crap the Souners fans have been spewing the last few weeks. To see them loose at home 2-0 to both their old/new rivals would be awesome. I really hope Vancouver can hold the shutout.


  • Matt

    I was told by many sources the the Sounders were going to sweep both Van and Portland, what’s the deal?


  • sammysounder

    I missed the first twenty minutes of the VAN/SEA match (and two Caps goals), but Sounders have looked good. We just haven’t finished.

    If Montero, Nkufo, Fernandez and Zakuani can finish we’ll do well. If they don’t, we won’t. I’m not worried yet, but if we get two games into the regular season without them finishing then I’ll be worried.


  • Lassidawg

    All anyone needs to know is Terry boss and Taylor Graham are playing read the blog on Seattle times site and it appears they are the reason for the 3 goals.


  • K-Town

    I can’t wait for all the Seattle fans to say that it is only pre-season. Let the excuses commence.


  • JJ

    in preseason. At least we know who we can cut now (Graham, Boss). And stalling in preseason, come on Cannon.


  • JJ

    Wow, you sober up quick. No spelling errors in this one. Are you sure it’s not that you just don’t know how to spell “lose”? It’s ok if that’s the case, we can’t expect people outside of Seattle to be educated.


  • Mhat

    I guess we can expect people inside Seattle to be pompous fanboys then.

    I am a little tired of all the excuses fans come up with for their team’s poor performance.


  • cajun

    No excuses for the Sounders at all, they played like crap…As for the team you root for, you can only wish to replicate the atmosphere that Sounders supporters supply at Qwest. No place better in the top tier of club football in the US.


  • omar

    Sounders fans must remember the terrible start the team had last year. Quotes from players and management that these games are meaningless are disturbing.


  • Aquaman

    I’m not a fan of any of the teams involved in this “summit” but damn if I don’t enjoy these teams being in the league for their fans alone. I hope the play on the field is as intense as the fights on these boards.


  • K-Town

    It is interesting how you use such colloquial language to describe your disdain of incorrect grammar. I apologize for my sub-standard level of education. It is now obvious that a trip to Seattle will improve my blog-posting experience. Perhaps I will win a nationally recognized prize for literature in the category of “Blog Post of the Year”. Oh wait, who gives a crap about grammar on a blog post other than d-bag trolls?

    P.S. It took alot, (is it alot, a lot, or allot?)…..is that even the right use of those paranthathingies? Oh, snap I just used one of those d-bag websites on grammar and found out alot isn’t even a word. The proper spelling is “a lot”. Silly me. What do you expect though, I am not from Seattle after all, but I am a learnin. Anywho, it took a lot of time for me to write this post because I am not a smrt person, but I try really hard to sound like I am. Hopefully I will fit in when I go to Seattle. But something tells me I won’t be smrt enough for them.

    Perhaps you can send me one of those grammar books so I can study real good for you🙂


  • K-Town

    It is pretty funny that it only took JJ two minutes to mention preseason as an excuse after I posted that it was only a matter of time until a Seattle fan mentioned that as a an excuse. Thanks for the laugh JJ.


  • Peretz48

    Omar Salgado had a nice outing for the Whitecaps- a goal and an assist. I hope that the Whitecaps can get an exemption from FIFA; otherwise, Omar can’t play for them until September.


  • CA

    Loyal Sounders fan here who’s definitely a lil embarrassed about how the weekend went. Hopefully it’s just taking us a few extra weeks to put it all together.


  • Fred Garvin

    You K’ville.. Tell us all..when was the last time Sounders beat Timbers in pre season…? Then name the last time The Timbers beat the Sounders in a game that mattered…


  • Neruda

    As an RSL fan living in the northwest it is fun to watch these northwest fans duke it out. Let’s be real here though, pre-season games are forgotten as soon as regular season starts. Seattle will have another strong team and is a class club, Portland seems to have a smart coach and ambitious owner. The timbers squad still needs help if they’re to not win the battle against Vancouver for last place in the west. The coach and owner know this and are on the hunt for more high level talent. Although Vancouver beat Seattle in a meaningless friendly they’ll be dead last with Portland second to last.

    I’m not saying this because I dislike Portland or Vancouver but it’s the first year reality of joining MLS. Phili did ok last season but were still an automatic win for the better clubs. Sounders first year success was an anomaly not likely to be repeated by the Timbers or Whitecaps.

    PS I will be going to a few games in Seattle and Portland. Should be fun.


  • Johnny Appleseed

    What worries me more than the defensive fragility and lack of finishing prowess is the injury to Fucito in this game. I believe he was poised to be a real contributor for the Sounders this season. He would have last season if not for injuries. I hope that’s not the case this year.


  • JJ

    You are obviously not stupid, what with all them big words you use. That takes me back to my first question, “Why is “lose” such a hard word to spell?”

    Your spelling ability has dropped significantly when you compare your above post with your first post. I can only guess that the misspellings now are intentional, but why did you spell “lose” wrong in the first place?

    Was it intentional? No reason for it to be.

    Was it the booze? Judging by your witty comebacks so shortly after, I’d say no.

    I wanted to blame it on a possible language barrier. Seeing as how you are posting negatively about Seattle on a Seattle vs Vancouver game blog, it is highly plausible that you are from our lovely neighboring country up north. And we all know you have your own brand of English (oot and aboot, eh).

    So, what’s the deal?

    And about it being preseason … isn’t it? This game doesn’t actually knock us out of a cup competition, does it? You didn’t earn 3 points today, did you?

    Yes, some of our players played terrible today and it is always embarrassing losing to a team like that. But the simple fact is that it’s preseason and this counted for nothing.

    Did it count for pride? Maybe a little. But we’ve got more than enough pride here in Seattle to last us the ENTIRE preseason.


  • El Fur de' Ball

    Portland looked the best of the three teams this weekend in terms of fire power, grit, finishing and enthusiasm. Cooper is in a class above anyone on either roster as far as a true CF goes. If PDX signs the rumored DP in the coming weeks, playoffs are definitely a possibility. Seattle’s defense is terrible. If not for Alonso, Portland would have put a 5 spot on them. And Keller looks OLD!!! Horrible display.

    The Caps have a decent defense, and Demerit is going to be a huge signing. Worst midfield in MLS from what I can see and strikers are Div2 quality. No name DP will be interesting, and if Salgado can get clearance to play, they could be tough.


  • cajun

    I’m not sure what games you were watching if you thought Portland was the best. They scored 3 goals. 2 of them were goalkeeper freebies and 1 was in garbage(stoppage) time. They had little, if any, MF control or time of possesion. All that said, congratulations to both PDX and Van in this mini tournemant and thumbs down to Seattle for losing twice…Should be an interesting year.


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