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Chivas USA may be 0-2 in the league, but the owners have decided to remove the interim title for General Manager Jose Domene. 

The Chivas USA General Manager confirmed to me that his interim title would be removed and he would now act as the full GM for the Rojiblancos. Domene was appointed as the interim GM at the same time that the team chose Robin Fraser to be the head coach. The Chivas USA general manager recently sat down with me to discuss the vision that the two share for the Rojiblancos, which revolves around developing young players in the Southern California area.

Will Domene and Fraser's vision of Chivas USA be successful? Can Chivas USA become a force for young players in the Los Angeles area?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Supsam

    this team will finish in last place in the league. Chivas has zero strengths (suspect goalkeeping, crappy defending, zero midfield presence and useless forwards). Its gonna suck being a Chivas USA fan.


  • Edwin

    Supsam, I don’t know if they’re quite that bad. I mean yeah they are in a bad bad place and they were the 2nd worst team in all of MLS but they do have some pieces that go against what you said they are.

    Suspect goalkeeping? Wasn’t Thornton the MLS 2009 Keeper of the year? Yeah he makes some mistakes from time to time but he’s a veteran and is not that bad. Arias was the 2005 keeper for Mexico’s U-17 national team. The won that won the WC in Peru in 05. He was loaned out to 2nd division teams in Mexico before he got to Chivas USA, he will most likely take over Thornton.

    Crappy defense is the one thing Fraser will fix 1st, as his coaching style will dictate it. Valentin is a good prospect that will be a good MLS defender, CB or RB. Trujillo is a veteran, Conrad also a vet, with less time but provides good cover. Umana also gives them another good CB option, Owusu should give them good 4th CB. Pearce and Jazic can play LB.

    zero midfield? I think this is far from true, between Zemanski, Gavin, Nagamura & La Broca they have good Center mids. Mendoza and Mondaini and Lahoud will give them some creativity and wing play, Bowen can play there as well, and he has plenty of speed, I said this with my fellow Galaxy friends the Galaxy will come to hate trading Bowen away to them. Braun, Estupinan, Moreno and Bowen gives them decent forwards. Mundaini can also play up top as forward or if they play with 3 on the wing like Lahoud.

    They might be bad this year, but lets just say they are the worst…. That means they can draft Kelyn Rowe next year, look him up. UCLA product that help the Bruins beat the Goats in preseason scrimmage. U-20’s starter right now, if he doesn’t go abroad of course

    Don’t sleep on Fraser’s boys!


  • Supsam

    haha i appreciate the long feedback but i’ll just say that Fraser is doing an awful job. He recently said a quote that pretty much explains a ton. Im recalling this quote from the top of my head so its not entirely accurate (if at all) but it went something like:

    ‘Right now, if there is a system that will have us concede less goals and allow us to score goals, then we will give it a shot.’

    I think he said this before the portland US open match. Why is he still testing out different systems? What was he doing during pre-season? All the weaknesses i have noted above stem from awful coaching. When a team has zero chemistry, even a team loaded with individual talent will look awful. Based on the three matches i have seen, they look lost at ALL postitions.


  • Edwin in LA

    They kind of already are tapping into the youth movement, a few products have already come up to the 1st team. Bryan de la Fuente I believe was part of the U-20 pool.

    I would like to see this line up:






    Personally I would rather play with 1 holding/defensive center mid and use Mendoza as the other center mid but more of a 2 way midfielder, in more of a creative attacking mid role. That allows for Lahoud or Bowen or even Mondaini to play the wing

    They also have Michael Umana who I like over Conrad but whatever, and Jazic gives Fraser a 2nd LB option, but Trujillo has to stay in there for some cohesion with experience since he’s played with most of the guys.


  • Bill

    The article kind-of tapered off abrubtly. Saying you want to tap into LA player-pool (even implying worst case is 1% of that vauge pool is 6-7 top-notch players) and actually developing talent are too completely different topics.

    Did Domene go into some details on how they’re 1. finding and 2. developing that talent? (he jumped to 3. losing some to foreign teams..but #1 and #2 seem much more urgent)

    Seems like alot of the comments had to do with chivas looking to tank (again) this year – I don’t see it, they look decent. Not pretty, but decent enough – west is solid so, they are not in the playoffs.


  • dino1er

    Having met Domene, he is the real deal. The real question is will Chivas USA finally loosen up the purse strings to get a real difference maker?


  • Dudeinho

    they Dont need to move they need to Rebrand keep the logo colors.just call them the the LA goats drop chivas Theres alot of folks who would like to get behind the team but whole chivas thing is a turnoff


  • metasyntactic variable

    “They might be bad this year, but lets just say they are the worst…. That means they can draft Kelyn Rowe”

    L’Impact de MontrĂ©al get the first pick regardless of how bad any current team will be this year.


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