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Injured Henry ruled out of Crew game


Photo by Howard C. Smith/ISIphotos.com

Thierry Henry will miss the New York Red Bulls' game with the Columbus Crew this Saturday after he picked up a hamstring injury in the season opener against Seattle, the Red Bulls confirmed via their Twitter feed.

New York will already be without forward Juan Agudelo due to international duty with the United States. Also missing for the Red Bulls due to international obligations are defenders Rafa Marquez (Mexico), Tim Ream (USA) and midielder Dane Richards (Jamaica).

Henry, who just began his first full season with the Red Bulls, missed a penalty kick in New York's 1-0 win over Seattle last Saturday. The club hasn't said how long Henry will be out.

Other strikers currently on New York's roster include Luke Rodgers and rookie Corey Hertzog. The team cut Salou Ibrahim earlier this week.

What do you think about Henry being injured again? Do you think the Red Bulls can overcome their various absences, or will Columbus rebound with a win?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Chris

    I still think they have the depth to take 3 points from the Crew. It’s too bad they got rid of Salou Ibrahim, and some of the baby bulls too soon.
    I really hope the Henry injury isn’t more than a one week rest. I assume if the hamstring injury was bad enough, he would have been taken out of the Seattle game. It’s better to rest him for an early road game when many other players will miss the game as well due to national teams. At least we will get to see our new draft picks. Maybe John Rooney will make an appearance.


  • Santi

    Bologna…This guy was still a stud at Barca when he played…Which wasn’t often enough. He can still be a force, but he needs to train harder as he gets older.


  • eric's PO'ed

    I am so F’ing tired of this shhhh… Anybody who takes up for this mysterious hamstring is just as bad as the becks an henry’s that come here to retire this is bs an i am soooo done after 10 years this is enough!!!


  • DWB

    It’s not weakness,,,it is lack of preparedness..You hear about his great work ethic and then he is out after 8 minutes?


  • Rehan

    He isn’t soft…He is more physical than most MLS strikers, but he does need to work on conditioning


  • Will

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see John Rooney on the pitch at some point for the game. He can play AM or F.


  • BrianK

    Two thoughts on this:

    1. Why is MLS playing on an international date? No Agudelo, Marquez, Ream, Richards? This is downright stupid.

    2. Henry,…here is the deal. TT is saying all the right things (winning, commitment, etc.) but he is living it up in NYC. He and some friends recently opened an eatery in the Meat Packing section of Manhattan. Me thinks he is more concerned with his party time and new business than how things go with Red Bull. He did nothing against Seattle. He is steaming toward the bust category! MLS should have a rule,…no team should be allowed to sign a DP over the age of thirty.


  • Starla

    You can play 2 games a week so there is no problem at all to fit all the mls games and cup games in there and still take time off for fifa dates and a full month off for the gold cup / world cup. Other countries playing same season and even more loaded schedule can do it.


  • mase

    +1…i agree i think he netted 17 goals one year b4 Pedro basically took over his spot


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Why do I feel like this is the beginning of the end of a healthy Henry? And with all the call-ups throughout the season, RBNY may not be the easy favorite in the East that everyone is saying they are.


  • Front Row

    Once again, MLS buys an old fogy and suckers in season ticket holders. Henri was a joke last year and few would admit.


  • Charles

    Wrong. The top 3 DP players

    1. David Beckham LA Galaxy $6,500,000

    2. Thierry Henry NY Red Bulls $5,600,000

    3. Rafa Marques NY Red Bulls $5,544,000

    That is WAY more than $10 million for DPs and I only grabbed the top three.


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