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Mid-Day Ticker: Mourinho eyes England return, Queiroz ban overturned and more

Mourinho (Getty Images)


Jose Mourinho hasn’t even finished up his first season with Real Madrid, but the journeyman manager is already speculating as to where he’ll end up next.

According to the Telegraph, the Portuguese manager said that his next job will be as manager of an English club. Mourinho hasn’t coached an English side since he left Chelsea in 2007.

“I miss England and my next job will be in England,” Mourinho said. “There is unfinished business. And I think England wants me back, no? It was the most enjoyable time of my career.”

Mourinho has three years left on his current deal with Real Madrid, which he called “the most difficult club in the world.”

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


Former NY/NJ MetroStars and Portugal national team coach Carlos Queiroz had his six-month ban for interfering with doping tests ahead of the World Cup overturned on appeal.

The Court of Arbitration said that Queiroz’s actions were unacceptable but “there was no evidence that Mr. Queiroz’s behavior was intended to disturb the doping control.”

Queiroz was fired by the Portuguese federation shortly after the World Cup.


A few key players have been withdrawn from their respective national teams ahead of this week’s European qualifiers.

The Netherlands will be without captain Mark van Bommel for Friday’s matchup with Hungary. The defender is still suffering from a nagging thigh injury.

Striker Nicklas Bendtner and defender Simon Kjaer were injured during training and will be unavailable for Denmark’s clash with Norway on Saturday.


The English Premier League is set to reject a proposal to allow standing terraces at stadiums.

The proposal, brought by the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF), seeks to reinstate standing terraces after they were banned following a slew of injuries and deaths occurred due to overcrowding. Since then, every Premier League team must have an all-seated stadium.

"Our view is that the benefits of an all-seater stadia far outweigh the return of standing areas,” Premier League spokesman Dan Johnson said. “They have led to more women and more children attending the games and no  matter how safe standing can be made, seating is always safer.”


Which England club team would you like to see Mourinho at? Where do you think Queiroz' next move should be? Do you see the Netherlands or Denmark having a problem overcoming their respective injury woes?

Share your thoughts below.

  • fischy

    Queiroz’ needs to take his magic touch to a really big club…like Manchester United…or New York Red Bulls.


  • Amrtn

    He just wants a strong team with good players and madrid doesn’t help him. He hates losing that’s why he wants to leave.


  • curmudgeon

    Madrid doesn’t help him? They’ve spent more money on players in the last two years than some countries’ entire GDP! Good lord.


  • RK


    This is a good analysis from the other week. They’ve got a lot of players he would rather not have.

    “Of the six players Madrid signed last summer, Mourinho specifically recommended four — Ricardo Carvalho, Sami Khedira, Di Maria and Ozil. While all of them have been more successful than the two wonderfully talented Spaniards the club hierarchy signed, Sergio Canales and Pedro Leon, Di Maria and Ozil have been sublime.”


  • Phil

    well said bryan. But that said, what is Real Madrid’s deal, really? They have the best team money can buy! Even if we take the fact that they share a league with what you could argue is the best club side assembled in that past 25 years (if ever), they just don’t seem like the juggernaut they are on paper.


  • Mike

    Did you just call New York Energy Drink a “really big club?” HAHAHAHA Let’s wait until they generate hundreds of millions of dollar in tv, merchandise, and ticket sales before we anoint them with that title. They can’t even sell out their brand new stadium!


  • fischy

    Did you really go through all that to respond to my sarcastic comment? HAHAHAHA Nanny boo boo


  • Dancy

    The have huge holes and the pieces don’t all fit together. The best 11 players usually don’t make the best team. You need a few that are comfortable being role players and everyone needs to work as a unit. A forward that is dominant in the air and holds the ball well isn’t best with wings that look first to cut into the middle and central players always looking for through balls. Jose has had his greatest success with teams the were very physical and disciplined defensively, not with attacking players that needs lots of touches.


  • BCC

    Mourinho’s comments are a non-story. Surprised to see it posted here, frankly.

    Some much-needed context: He has talked about coaching in other places several times already. He has also discussed coaching in the US when his oldest child heads off to college (MLS or USMNT).

    He plays up to whoever is interviewing him. He is a master manipulator when it comes to the press.

    He is also sending a not-so-subtle signal to the Madrid front office that they better keep Valdano off his back and give him the GM duties he covets. It’s all a power play.

    Seriously. In the last six months, he has talked about coaching Portugal, a club in England, the US, and in MLS. The guy has a massive ego — does anyone really think he is going to throw away his current job at the biggest club on the planet?

    Mourinho says he wants to coach elsewhere, water is wet, the sun is hot . . . how about some genuine news?


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