Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Eden Hazard

  • Frank

    Not sure why this is a must-see goal. Arguably, a decent keeper would have stopped it.

    (SBI-With all due respect, you’re ridiculous. Having seen the goal as it happened live, I think the slo-mo replay doesn’t do it justice. He it it with blistering pace and even the super-athletic Mandanda (one of the better keepers in the world) couldn’t get to it. Inarguably, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Haha.)


  • Travis

    This guy is moving to a big league in the summer, should be seeing alot more of him.


  • Timmy B

    This was scored against Steve Mandanda, the back up to Hugo Lloris on the French National Team and Marseille’s starter for 4 years running. I would say that Mandanda is better than “decent.” He is a top 15 keeper in the world, you could make the case for top 10.

    In other words, give Hazard some credit.


  • dub

    yep, my Lyon team paid 25mil for him on FIFA 11 too, that goal makes it all worth it! uh i think.


  • jig

    hes he real deal. Although he just extended his contract with Lille this week, so I’m not sure he moves.

    Look out for Belgium in 2014. Seriously.


  • Thorpinski

    Ives no matter how great a goal is..it should always be pointed out that the goalie could have done better as a matter of protocall.

    As they say in hockey every goal allowed is due to a break down in defense.


  • Z

    I agree that Mandanda is phenomenal, one of the best in the world, but in this one case it looks like he was a bit far off his line. It happens. Maybe some other keeper could have stopped it, maybe not.


  • CH

    That Belgium team should be really good so many young talented players. If they actually get to a tournament look out.


  • Adam M.

    Great goal, yes, but long range shots from the run of play (generally) don’t score very high for me in the “great goal” pantheon absent some other skill involved. Fact is that from that far out and while running shots like these are speculative and rarely succeed, so there is a very fine line between a great goal and a poor decision, or, a great goal and what amounts to poor goalkeeping, or a great goal and the luck of hitting the ball the right way that time. I don’t think anyone hits long shots like these with any regularity from the run of play, something that would indicate a particular skill in making them. Free kicks are a bit of a different story (e.g., Juninho).


  • wally

    of course the keeper was a little off his line. that doesn’t make the goal any less outstanding.

    for this kind of long distance goal over a keeper’s head, the keeper is almost by definition a little bit off his line. the greatness in the strike is in making the keeper pay for his aggressive positioning with the perfectly struck/placed strike. if the striker were not off his line, Hazard wouldn’t have attempted the shot in the first place.


  • Steve T.

    Do you have any idea how difficult it is to destoy a ball from that distance with accuracy, power, dip, and swerve? The keeper is renedered completely irrelevant by a smash like that. You need a lesson on how to enjoy the little things in life.




  • Z

    Yeah, I think he may have been a couple steps off the line because ordinarily you don’t have to worry about someone letting it fly from that distance. You can almost hear Mandanda say “no frickin’ way!” as he dives for it.


  • Frank

    You’re right, I have no idea how difficult it is to destoy. However, your comment is renedered completely irrelevant by your spelling.

    Ives, I take it as a compliment that you felt the need to respond to my comment. You are correct that I didn’t know what I was talking about. The context provided in the comment section helped though.

    Now if only the Crew could find someone who can hit the ball like that–Robbie Rogers should watch this clip and take some notes.

    (SBI-Frank, I respond to comments all the time, it’s my thing, and it happens that one pet peeve of mine is people who always denigrate great goals because of either “bad defending” or “bad goalkeeping”. It’s as if some folks just hate giving credit for greatness or moments of brilliance. I say appreciate the skill rather than preferring to find non-existent or minimal fault.)


  • Neil B.

    First of all, no he wouldn’t.

    Second, I hate to be the grammar police, but it’s “would have”. “Would’ve” often gets written as “would of” for reasons I never quite understand.


  • seth

    yes he would have. he would have yelled while jumping and just the moving air molecules would have pushed the ball over the net.

    timmy is super human.


  • Steve T.

    Thanks for catching those frank. I type entirely to fast to be 100% accurate, and will type slower in the future. Don’t miss the larger picture though. You’re still ridiculous!


  • BCC

    No, I like them and listen to a lot of electronica. Just doesn’t seem to line up well with the action. Kind of prefer a lot of shouting from the play-by-play man while the crowd cheers. Guess I’m a purist.


  • PetedeLA

    If you watch the goal from the 25 second mark you can see the goalkeeper’s perspective a bit more better I think.

    The keeper’s cheating out a bit because he doesn’t know if the player is going to continue his dribble.

    I agree with you to an extent. In the slow-mo it looks like the keeper is just off his line and fails to get the chip.

    But as Ives intimates, Hazard kicks it with considerable power which was as unexpected as it was well executed.

    Keeper does look bad there, though.


  • Craig

    Hazard is a beast, plain and simple. Him and Gervinho are about to receive big pay days, whether it be at Lille or not.


  • Johnny Thunder

    Brad Guzan would have known the difference between of and have…you’re really Troy Perkins, aren’t you? Admit it.


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