International Soccer

Netherlands 5, Hungary 3: The Highlights

In case the USMNT's matches left you starved for goals:

  • Todd

    It’s a post show. They are breaking down the highlights, not calling the game.

    Although, I would love to hear the Wacky, Wild Morning Zoo from 98.5 FM Amsterdam break down the game.


  • paul lorinczi

    Nem erted? (You don’t understand?)

    Even though the Hungarians lost, it was one of their best games against a good team.

    “Hey Hughes, were you watching? Fulham lacking goals? Zoli is the man!”


  • jonk

    Who was Sneijder passing to on his goal? That was the craziest lucky bounce that played him through to set up his shot.


  • c00kiem0nster

    I was just about to comment on that, I wouldn’t say it was lucky, i would say it was awesome hahah


  • Mark Hughes

    Zoltan Gera ladies and gentleman. Available on a free from Fulham in the summer. BTW, he got the third for Hungary as well. Wish I could find a way to get him on the field.


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