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NFL star Ochocinco to trial with Sporting KC

OchoCinco (GettyImages)


It appears not even an NFL labor dispute is enough to keep Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco off the field.

Ochocino will join Sporting Kansas City for a four-day trial starting next week, Kansas City announced on Wednesday. Ochocinco will join Kansas City next Tuesday, and following the tryout, head coach Peter Vermes and his staff will decide whether or not to extend it.

"We're always searching for players who can help our team and bringing in new talent,” Vermes said in a press release. “We know that Chad is an exceptional athlete and that he loves the sport of soccer, and he did play a lot when he was younger. We're excited to see how his skills will translate once he arrives next week and begins training with our team."

While the trial may seem like just a publicity stunt, Sporting KC and Ochocinco are adamant that it is not.

"Due to the NFL lockout, I’m excited to be able to follow my childhood dream of playing for a Major League Soccer team,” Ochocinco said. “Thanks to Sporting Kansas City for giving me this opportunity.”

Ochocinco was introduced to soccer at the age of four. As a youth, he played the sport competitively as striker until attending Miami Beach Senior High School.

What do you think of Ochocinco trying out with Kansas City? Believe it to just be a publicity stunt? Hoping it's not so you can see Ochocinco chase the likes of Thierry Henry and Landon Donovan?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Neruda

    I’m imagining a rather tall team, especially with basketball players.

    Well said though but I don’t think Chad J makes it. Also the NFL lockout could mean football fans turn to MLS to partially fill the void.


  • abc

    On what planet is Reggie Bush a top athlete in the NFL?

    Also, do all the people who make lists of “top American athletes” from other sports just mean they want more black athletes in soccer?


  • abc

    “Imagine if MLS had all these NFL and NBA players who are 6’4″ 250 pounds!
    They would be the American versions of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Sneijder… (average height 5’8”)!


  • dk

    I’ve done the math. I get it. It’s PR. And it’s not some horrible disaster. That was my point.


  • dk


    Taking this way too seriously. I totally agree that there’s no way he’ll be able to compete at this level. So what. It’ll be fun to watch and then it’ll be over. The only one who might be embarrassed is Johnson himself.

    Those who are saying this event will dramatically devalue the league are vastly overestimating its impact.


  • Hincha de Gimnasia

    Just watch Chad’s form on these kicks. He’s fast enough to get up front and slot a few in the back of the net if someone plays him the ball. What else do you need?


  • bryan

    honestly, let the guy try out. plenty of other athletes have done similar things. like someone said above, master p tried out for the hornets. if he’s good enough, then he’ll make it. if not, then he won’t. no big deal.

    the guy is a huge soccer fan and if this is his way of putting spotlight on the league, then im okay with it.


  • Johnny Thunder

    I think the bigger point here is that whether it’s a stunt or not it will have at least some football fans taking a look at soccer for a short time. If it gains Sporting KC and the MLS a few more fans, what’s the harm? As long as he doesn’t make the team without earning it, I have no problem with it.


  • Mikey

    Ok I guess I’ll be the guy that comes in and says I hope Ochocinco does well and gets a contract.

    Who cares if he didn’t play his entire life? We watch soccer to be entertained. If he’s entertaining, why is that offensive to some?

    If its just a publicity stunt, it’s free positive PR for MLS.

    There really is no downside here. Just sit back and watch. Grab that popcorn 😉


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