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Ochocinco made 'honorary' SKC member


No Chad Ochocinco didn't earn a Major League Soccer contract, but he wasn't given his walking papers either.

After his trial with Sporting Kansas City came to an end, Ochocinco was granted the opportunity to continue working out with the club's reserve team as long as he'd like until the NFL lockout situation is resolved.

SKC coach Peter Vermes called Ochocinco an "honorary member" of the team and said that he progressed throughout the trial and was a positive influence in the team's locker room.

What do you think about Vermes' decision? Disappointed Ochocinco didn't make the first team? Think continuing to have him at practices is a good thing?

Share your thoughts below.

  • sporks fan

    He was bad, which is why he wasn’t offered a contract. However, the players like having him around, so no harm done with him sticking around. Would love to see him give an interview with ESPN on June 9 and FSC on June 17.


  • TommyH

    Didn’t the Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue play for an MLS team the first year or two? I consider that a little more embarassing. Not a big pointy ball fan, so I was suprised what a gentleman he has been with his gracious comments and all.


  • Jon

    85 is a legit dude. I’m not way into the NFL, but I have liked his attitude for a long time. I get the sense he just wants to have a good time, but also to play hard. If you were not planning on playing hard, you couldn’t have planned to score a TD and celebrate like he does. He sort of took the goal celebration style to the NFL.

    Maybe I will get an Ochocinco 85 SKC jersey just for fun.


  • Zoti

    I agree with your observation but seeing 85 dribble the ball made me wanting to gouge my own eyes out.


  • CD

    An “Ocho Cinco” SKC jersey will be far and away the team’s best seller. I think this has been a brilliant PR move by everyone involved.


  • biebs

    That’s a little different. Shue was an all-american in college and played professionally in Zimbabwe (Admittedly, not the top league in Africa) and (according to Wikipedia so I don’t know the details) practiced with Queens Park FC in Scotland.

    That’s a world of difference than a guy who played High School Soccer.

    That being said. I don’t see the harm in what Chad Johnson’s “trial” I don’t think anyone was kidding themselves into thinking he was going to make the team.


  • Brent McD

    Didn’t some Duke basketball player actually get a call-up to the USMNT?



  • r.benjamin

    If people remember Skeets Nehemiah.. one thing The one thing this tryout validated was that it’s easier to suddenly pick up the NFL game than it is the MLS game.

    I invite any All Star in any sport to tryout and be an honorary captain.


  • paul

    I don’t really care, I just thought the days of MLS pulling these type of publicity stunts was over. I guess that was wishful thinking…


  • j-ro

    Ginobli is from freaking Argentina. I’m pretty sure if he had the same talent for soccer that he has for basketball, he’d be playing soccer.

    This has been discussed ad nauseum, but not all of these guys would automatically be great just because they can play bouncyhoop or gridiron. Ginobli is probably a great illustration of that.


  • Bill

    Watching Ochocinco strike a ball was painful. I was hoping that he had some technique and skill. His skill level was compareable to what I see in average club soccer twelve year-olds (and that is being generous). I can’t believe anyone thinks he has any ability. Vermes must go home and laugh. I guess any publicity is good, but this is silly.


  • Ben

    Since his income has been more than that of the entire SKC team, he has been welcomed to come back, train, and buy everybody dinner!


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