SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm Today

It's that time again. Time for us to discuss all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A, set for 1pm today.

Want to talk about the recent U.S. men's national team friendlies? Want to talk MLS? Curious about the international soccer scene? We can talk about all of that, as well as any other soccer (and pop culture) topics you'd like to touch on today.

Get your questions ready and join us at 1pm today.

See you then.

  • Dennis

    With April 1 coming, will we hear of the long awaited replacement of Bob Bradley as USMNT head coach and the benching of his son in favor of a european pair:

    Roberto Bourgeois who coached his first professional team to a national championship, led his national team to 2 FIFA confederation titles, to 2nd place finish in in the Confederation cup and into the second round of the World Cup and his son Michel Bourgeois who gets his US citizenship from his mother a US citizen and who led his Eredivisi team scoring 16 league goals, is touted as a ferocious ball-winner who can intimidate opposing players, in the Bundesliga, he scored his first goal against German powerhouse Bayern Munich, his recent move to Aston Villa will provide the opportunity to routinely face strong opponents and to work on his already excellent command of the English language. The pair will replace the present father-son duo who had the unfortunate circumstance of being born in the USA.


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