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Studio 90: Altidore talks Nashville

  • Aaron in StL

    Was as this game, a great day for Jozy. Thing I may remember most (oddly) was this was the day Bolivia spanked Argentina by five goals or thereabout. Seeing that run across the scores everyone thought that had to be a mistake.


  • Slyboy

    haha, it was actually 6, I am sure every single Argentina fan wants to forget that one


  • Frank

    The guy can’t score three goals in a season now. But he sure complains to the ref like he is an elite scorer.

    How great was it to see Juan actually pressure defenses as opposed to Jozy just shuffling around like a grandpa.

    And I still don’t know why he can’t take a proper squat for the team photo.

    You don’t have to look much further than the National Anthem: ten guys are pulling one way and one guy another.


  • Tim Stevens

    Totally agree!!

    Jozy “Out-The-Door” has done nothing in months!

    Why would we consider him our star striker when Dempsey is so in form?

    Jozy doesn’t even get 90 minutes consistently with his new club. There is a reason he plays in Turkey and Dempsey starts in the EPL.


  • Mat

    I think Clint is too valuable in the midfield for us. Plus that’s where he plays for his club no?
    He’s a midfielder who scores a lot of goals more than a striker IMO.
    That said, if Jozy dosen’t find his scoring touch, he will be under pressure from guys like Burnbury (sp?) or even Davies at the GC.

    I like Jozy, but he was bad vs Argentina.


  • Sergio Hernandez

    I thought Altidore looked good in the second half, once he had a strike partner. He created chances, and his passing was good. To this day I don’t understand why people hate on him so much. I think he has been playing well, ever since the World Cup. He isn’t scoring, but he is helping the team get results. The goals will come, I hope we see more of him with Agudelo. Leaving him by himself doesn’t suit his strengths.


  • ga-gone

    I still believe Jozy. Ignore the haters. Jozy + Agudelo partnership will fly in 2014.


  • ga-gone

    Most people think a striker does nothing if he isn’t putting the ball in the back of the net, even if he’s the only dude in a 4-5-1 getting swarmed by Argentina. They’re morons. Jozy had a very good world cup.


  • Seriously

    I was at this game too. Back when we though Jozy might actually be worth something. Now we know he is just lazy. Fun game to be at though.


  • jon

    Yes. We’ve had other forwards who just disappear and back pass. Jozy is always a dynamic attacking force, going at defenders and creating havoc. I think the goals will come, and when they don’t, he still contributes by creating space for others, earning penalties (like the one that lead to the goal last night), or assisting on goals.

    I’m not saying he’s a finished product, or has fully delivered on his potential. He hasn’t. But I think he will get better and be a very good player for a long time.


  • sef-one

    i’ll bit to this bit of trolling.

    are f’ing serious? what games are you watching.

    mfs with their gd haterade. go back under the bridge troll before the sunlight turns you to stone.



  • DC Josh

    Ah memories, I was right behind the goal where he scored his first goal. Scary that was almost 2 years ago. Awesome city. Wish I could go tomorrow.


  • joe

    Yes and no. Dempsey has seen significant time at striker this year with Fulham due to injuries. Now that more strikers are healthy, he’s back at midfield.


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