USA to face Spain on June 4th in Foxboro

USASpain (ISIPhotos.com)

The U.S. men's national team will take on Spain on June 4th at Gillette Stadium (4:30pm) in Foxboro, U.S. Soccer announced on Friday.

The match will be the first meeting between the teams since the United States pulled off the stunning 2-0 upset victory against Spain in the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa.

The friendly will also serve as the final tune-up for the United States before the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which the Americans begin on June 7th against Canada.

What do you think of this development? Excited to see the Americans face Spain again? Think the United States can win again?

Share your thoughts below.

  • jig

    right, because the same 11 players will play 90 minutes in both matches without subs.


  • Brian S.

    Just imagine how bad it sucks down here in Mississippi. We have to fly somewhere in order to ever see a USMNT game. Maybe they’ll schedule one in Birmingham again one day


  • BenH

    There are really people whining about USA v Spain? Wow.

    Mexico is not playing Spain in Seattle though. Why would Spain cross the entire US just to play a game in friggin’ Seattle?


  • Peter

    If we want to get better let’s schedule a friendly with Ghana. Maybe we can finally beat them.


  • joga

    Can we have Mourinho come in and guest-coach the USMNT just for this one match? He could try to replicate his 13% possession victory over Barca in the 2010 UCL semi’s.


  • JOMA

    Absolutely agree with Ives. Haven’t both teams been compared for decades in many ways. Playing any high quality opponent is always good.


  • Hincha Tim

    waaaaah yourself. You have a USMNT game in Nashville TN that has only 18K tickets sold so far. Nashville is only 4 hours away from Atlanta and 6 hours away from Jackson, MS. How about attending the games in your neck of the woods and maybe you’d get more games.


  • Brian S

    I feel ya, Zach. Lord forbid we wanna watch an MLS game live. We have to take a three day road trip. It’s like they think soccer isn’t played in the southeast. I promise there are die hard fans here, too!


  • Jay

    For the same reason they cross the Atlantic and play games against Mexico and the USA in the first place $$$


  • cajun

    This whole thread (and topic) is so East Coast biased, it makes me want to puke!!


  • Phil

    WORD UP. I am not complaining about playing Spain or Brasil or the Argies, but I’d really like to see more friendlies with Japan South Korea, Ghana and Turkey as well as other COMNEBOL teams like Uruguay and Chile, please.


  • Phil

    1. USSF will proally make more $$$$ at the gate in that friendly than they will the rest of the tourney.

    2. I think they boys will be fine against Canada.


  • Louis Z

    how about NOT playing the way we would like to because we would be defending the whole game. I want the team to start to develop a posesion style rather than just circle the wagons and wait for the counter. we already know how to play style.


  • Joe

    Jeeeeeeezzz, sorry I got it wrong. The turf looks just like grass though. Whatever, I’m glad we are playing on sod.


  • Rex

    How the heck does New England get this game? No conflict of interest, yeah right. Gulati is ridiculous.


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