Are the Red Bulls the team to beat now?

Are the Red Bulls the team to beat now?

MLS- New York Red Bulls

Are the Red Bulls the team to beat now?

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Today's blockbuster trade sending Dwayne DeRosario to the New York Red Bulls just gave one of the best teams in MLS ANOTHER star player and has fans in New York talking MLS Cup.

Just how good is New York now? Here's how the starting lineup looks like now:


Yes, Greg Sutton started the season in goal, but Coundoul was the starter last year and is starting this week. Either way, New York will have a player with national team caps on his resume in goal. It will still be the team's weakness, but looking at that lineup it doesn't stop this lineup from looking like the strongest in MLS.

The team will be hurting badly come the Gold Cup, with nearly half the team likely to be playing in the tournament, but when this unit is together, it will be tough to beat.

What do you think of this squad? Are the Red Bulls the new MLS Cup favorites, or is Real Salt Lake still the team to beat?

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