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Bunbury to play for Canada in surprise switch

TealBunburyUSA (ISIPhotos.com)

When Teal Bunbury scored his first goal for the U.S. national team in January, it seemed like it would be the first of many national team goals for the Sporting Kansas City striker.

Unfortunately for the U.S. national team, any more international goals Bunbury scores won't be for the United States.

Bunbury has decided to apply to FIFA for a federation switch and will play for Canada, sources told SBI on Friday. Son of legendary Canadian national team star Alex Bunbury, Teal is in Vancouver today and has completed the final paperwork to make the switch back to Canada, which he represented on the youth national team level.

"I had a great time with the guys on the USA team, but my heart was still with Canada," Bunbury told SBI. "I appreciate everything the United States has done for me, but I couldn't really see myself playing against Canada."

The United States and Canada face off in their opening Gold Cup match on June 7th.

Bunbury's decision to play for Canada came in February, after an incident that got the young striker thinking about his decision to play for the United States:


  BunburySmile (ISIPhotos.com)

Sorry folks. Hope you didn't fall too hard. Oh, and sorry Canada.

  • bohawk

    Goddammmit Ives …. Second year in a row you made my face flush with anger. Wow.


  • Mike

    I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Dropped the water bottle I was holding in my hand and felt a sinking feeling in my stomach.

    Well played, Ives. Well played.

    I must say, I can’t remember the last time I’ve experienced such a feeling of relief than when reading “April Fools” after the jump.


  • The Dream

    Dude, that’s not fair! I live in Taiwan so it’s already April 2nd. I let my guard down already!


  • BJ's are the best

    I wasn’t even close to buying it. i just read the article header and loled. smh. You can do better.


  • Raff

    Haha yeah I thankfully figured it was an April Fool’s joke before I had a heart attack….


  • Brent McD

    aw man, i really would’ve spiked the laptop for that one. nice work though Ives, got me again


  • bearusky

    Thos one is ok, I was mad for a bit there. Had you done one about bob bradley being fired and it didn’t come true then I think ppl would really be angry.


  • mbeswick

    I fell for it, would be nice to have him, but we do have Hoilett that plays for Blackburn on his way up and he did look good today vs Arsenal. Soccer in Canada on the way up. Bunbury would be nice, but not really a necessity.


  • Mike Caramba

    Totally agree. I was anticipating this one. Arena to Mexico was unexpected…and amazing.


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