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Do you think Beckham will be playing in MLS in 2012?


Photo by Tony Quinn/ISIphotos.com

David Beckham's contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy expires at the end of this season, but that doesn't necessarily mean that his stint in Major League Soccer is over.

Beckham and the Galaxy are in Toronto for tonight's match with Toronto FC at BMO Field, and when asked by reporters on Tuesday if he would return to MLS next season, Beckham replied, "Yeah, there's a chance. I haven't made any decision about what I'm going to do after this year."

Beckham, 35, has repeatedly stated his desire to play for England again, whether it be in a World Cup, the European Championships or as an overage player in next summer's Olympics in London. If he could not secure a consistent starting spot overseas, a return to MLS could afford him the playing time necessary to remain match-fit for the long haul.

Do you think Beckham will return to MLS next season? Cast your vote after the jump:

Beckham's MLS adventure has been a bit of a roller coaster. Between the loan moves overseas, the injuries and the lack of trophies, he hasn't helped the Galaxy on the field as much as most would have expected. From a marketing and box office standpoint, he's been everything MLS could have hoped for by making the Galaxy a tremendous road draw and bringing international attention to the league.

He's gotten off to a strong start this season, assisting on three goals and contributing as a central midfielder as he tries to help the Galaxy to an elusive MLS Cup title.

How did you vote? Can you see Beckham returning to MLS next season? How would you rate his time in MLS thus far?

Share your thoughts below.

  • abc

    What the hell are you talking about?? “Quite possibly injured”? He would almost certainly be injured.


  • SD

    i think it is disrespectful to not join your team for pre-season….he could have done his intense training session with his teammates….tottenham is not his team…


  • Charles

    I didn’t vote because I would be NO

    but not because of his choice, noone is going to pay him huge money for what he is….Weak over all field player with great crosses.


  • disgruntled galaxy fan

    You say that it is not such a high-tempo league. Then how come Beckham has never won the MLS Cup? If he is so wonderful and the league is as bad as you imply I’d say that he would have made a much bigger impact than he has. Something is fishy here.

    He should absolutely have come back for pre-season. He could have worked on fitness in L.A. (which I’m sure has better fitness coaches than Spurs — it is called API).

    Oh yeah and read Grant Wahl’s book to see what a prototypical teammate he is. He wouldn’t even take his teammates who aren’t exactly making european salaries out to dinner! I found it funny that David Beckham is a cheapo and Ochocinco, who isn’t even a soccer player, did the opposite.


  • T Daddy

    League and Becks got everything they wanted out of this relationship. Both got more publicity and increased awareness of their brand.


    So I’m betting he’s outta here and goodbye Mr. Distraction!


  • JG13

    Well, obviously, he’s showing respect to the league by playing down to it’s level.


  • jb

    this seems like the post that hits closest to the mark. i would never fault a player for doing whatever was asked of him to give himself the chance to represent his country. personally I think he did want to help grow the game in the States, and did that marketing-wise. it will be interesting to see how this season plays out, with him healthy and moved to a position that suits him.


  • KevDC

    I think he’ll be back in England next year with Spurs or another better-than-average team. He still won’t be picked for Euro 2012 and will hang ’em up after one last season, “proving” he didn’t go to MLS to retire.


  • abc

    For that very reason wouldn’t it be good for the reputation of MLS if he went back to England and played?


  • drew

    I’m MLS fan, but I can also recognize that it is not as high-tempo as the top leagues in Europe. Do you disagree?

    He went to Spurs with the initial hope of playing on the first team, and maybe getting a shot at some champions league action, I can’t really fault him for that. The fact that he stayed a little extra and cut into the first few weeks of preseason I still don’t see the problem. I don’t recall Donovan getting any flack for staying in the EPL till mid march last year – and I don’t fault him for that either.


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