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It's SBI Ticket Contest Time

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If you are a New York Red Bulls or Philadelphia Union fan and you're in need of tickets to this weekend's matches, SBI has the contest for you. As we do on a regular basis, SBI is having contests for tickets to both the New York-Sporting Kansas City match as well as the Philadelphia Union-San Jose Earthquakes match on Saturday.

Here is how to enter. Please post your Twitter handle in the comments section below, along with a reason for wanting to go to the match you're hoping to go to. After that, go to Twitter and Tweet the following: #SBITicketContest and either #NewYorkRedBulls or #PhilaUnion, along with a short message on why you want the tickets. You have to do both, comment here on SBI and Tweet. Also, the contest is only open to readers who follow @SoccerbyIves on Twitter.

We will contact contest winners early on Saturday morning and will email tickets to our winners in time for the matches.

Good luck to all of you and get your entries in quickly!

  • Joseph

    Twitter handle lundqvistsaves – I want to go to todays match because I want to take a break from my studying for finals to see Teal Bunbury and Juan Agudelo faceoff at Red Bull Arena


  • Ryan Gingrich

    @knightkeper: Brand new ESC scarf, and I do not have tickets to sport my colors! Help! #SBITicketContest #NewYorkRedBulls


  • Matthew Yu

    @matty_yu I’d like to win these tickets to see the faceoff between Agudelo and Bunbury! Maybe Bunbury will have to wear Agudelo’s jersey after the Twitter contest. Also, Red Bulls have been putting on great performances lately, weather is supposed to be awesome, there’s not a better way to spend a Saturday evening.


  • Ryan Gingrich

    @knightkeeper00: Brand new ESC scarf, and I do not have tickets to sport my colors! Help! #SBITicketContest #NewYorkRedBulls


  • Majeacfe


    I’d love to take my best friend, a die-hard Philly sports fan who just recently became curious about soccer after no involvement with the game in the past, to PPL Park to help make him a fan of MLS. I think the atmosphere and experience of a Union game would be something that would definitely stick with him and make him want to come back for more.


  • Nick


    I want to surprise my girlfriend who is having a very rough week. Thanks Ives!


  • Fogs

    I want tickets to see my Red Bulls play because I live so far away and am finally going to be free and in NJ this weekend. I had to miss the Houston game while I was visiting because of a buddy’s engagement party. It’s been a long wait since my last game down there, last August! In additoin, I’d love to take my little bro who is in college in PA and can’t afford tickets himself. My twitter handle is @fogs2.


  • gootman

    I want to give the tickets to my neighbors who have a 10 year old son who is a soccer phenom and still hasn’t been to a game yet. #PhilaUnion #SBITicketContest


  • Larry

    @LGuengerich #PhilaUnion. If I don’t win, I will have to mow the lawn and mulch!


  • Murphy


    I want to take my girlfriend to her first pro soccer game–make it happen Ives… #SBITicketContest #NewYorkRedBulls


  • Jonathan Willier


    Would love to see the Union this weekend because there is nothing my wife I love to do more than Doop it up! We don’t see much of each other during the week because we work different shifts, so spending a Sat. afternoon at PPL would be fantastic…and romantic.


  • Phil Gallagher

    I have never been to a professional soccer game and my family can’t afford tickets on our own. It would be the greatest thing in the world if I got them. Thank You!!


  • GSScasual

    stupid post… scarfs are part of the fan experience… I dont wear one, but i cant think of one reason why I would have a problem if someone else did… Chris is a doosh.


  • Bill Wilkerson

    I have never been to an MLS game. Watched a bunch on TV and want to see one live!


  • Brandon


    NYRB have been playing some of the best MLS soccer I’ve seen. Want to see it in the flesh.


  • Jeremy


    My brother-in-law Alex turned me on to soccer and is my sounding board/conversation partner for everything from U-10 coaching to USMNT. I’d love for him to go to the Union game with his wife or one of his kids.


  • crosebud


    NYRB because I found out my job of the last three years will no longer be needing my services after June 24! Now I have to start saving all the $$ I would like to spend on NYRB tix


  • crosebud

    Oh yeah, and my boss told the entire office in a staff meeting on Tuesday, and he didn’t tell me until Wednesday. Nice week huh


  • Xime


    #SBITicketContest I could really use two tickets to invite some relatives who have never been to the game. Following the game with my husband this year for the first time. Let’s go #NewYorkRedBulls!!!!


  • TheWhale

    @mark63085 I live in CT around no RBNY fans. All of my friends are eurosnobs, this is my chance to turn them into fans. I’m tired of making the trek to Harrison alone.


  • roger

    pretty good. Plus, you will prob miss KOKE’s debut! 🙂 I wish Ives will give away several thousand tickets to NY home games. Probably the crappiest attendance, they need to do something about that


  • @TheGoodRooney

    I would like tickets to the Red Bulls game because we really don’t have a good view from the bench and I don’t think HB is going to get me into the match on Saturday.


  • Anthony Bouts

    @boutietang21 I would love to take in NYRB-SKC because I love my team and this is the first year since I was old enough to follow that I’ve missed the home opener due to financial issues. Juan Agudelo honed his skills as a boy playing for my club team in Toms River so I’d love to go support our boy as he beats TealBunB! And my uncle would take me to celebrate the birth of his first daughter this week. #stampede


  • Michael W

    @ModernDubz I need to go to this soccer match because i live in newjersey, played soccer all my life, and never went to a professional soccer match. Even after philadelphia got a team and the Redbulls got a new stadium. I need these tickets!


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