SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A: April 12th Edition

It's that time again everybody. Time for us to talk all things soccer in another evening edition of the SBI Live Q&A.

Want to talk MLS? UEFA Champions League? CONCACAF Champions League? U.S. national team? Music, TV and movies? You name it, and we'll be talking about it over the next few hours.

Get your questions ready and fire them my way and I will try to get to as many of them as possible.

Let's get started (Live Q&A is after the jump):


  • scott47a

    Rather than clog up the Q&A with a follow up, I’ll just leave the comment here that I disagree with your assessment of Altidore’s prowess in his MLS time.

    If his 9 goals meant he was “dominating” the league in 2007, how would you describe Emilio’s 20 goals for the D.C. United team that won the Supporter’s Shield?

    I’m a Nats backer as much as the next guy. But I believe some of the evaluation of our talent is overstated because we all want them to do so well. I think Altidore is still a work in progress who has yet to prove himself as the great player we all hope he will someday become.

    And sorry the question came in as “guest,” I forgot to type my name in the little box.


  • Galaxy Jimbo

    Hey Ives…

    What’s going on in LA?

    (SBI-Some Fox Soccer meetings, also shooting the Fox MLS Pre-Game Show on Saturday.)


  • Primoone

    Ream F-ing scares me back there. I’ve pointed this out many times…he gives the ball away recklessly once or twice out of the back in his own half of the field. I would rather have a CB that boots the ball to the attacking third as opposed to giving the opposition 1 or 2 chances just outside of the 18. Yes, he is talented. Yes he can put an accurate pass at your feet from 40 yds out however, he compromises possession by forcing an unnecessary pass. He is not the starter at the Gold Cup.


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